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Commission Review
Log of Permanent Rule Filings
January 23, 2013 through February 20, 2013
Home Inspector Licensure Board
The rules in Chapter 8 are the engineering and building codes including the approval of school maintenance electricians (.0400); qualification board-limited certificate (.0500); qualification board-probationary certificate (.0600); qualification board-standard certificate (.0700); disciplinary actions and other contested matters (.0800); manufactured housing board (.0900); NC Home Inspector Licensure Board (.1000); home inspector standards of practice and code of ethics (.1100); disciplinary actions (.1200); home inspector continuing education (.1300); Manufactured Housing Board continuing education (.1400); and alternate designs and construction appeals (.1500).
Suspension of Authority to Expend Funds
11 NCAC 08 .1012
Code of Ethics
11 NCAC 08 .1116
Environmental Management Commission
The rules in Chapter 2 concern environmental management and are promulgated by the Environmental Management Commission or the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The rules in Subchapter 2L cover groundwater classifications and standards including general considerations (.0100); classifications and groundwater quality standards (.0200); the assignments of underground water classifications (.0300); risk-based assessment and corrective action for petroleum underground storage tanks (.0400); and risk-based assessment and correction action for non-UST petroleum releases (.0500).
Groundwater Quality Standards
15A NCAC 02L .0202
Public Health, Commission for
The rules in Chapter 18 cover environmental aspects of health such as sanitation (18A), mosquito control (18B), water supplies (18C), and water treatment facility operators (18D). The rules in Subchapter 18A deal with sanitation and include handling, packing and shipping of crustacean meat (.0100) and shellfish (.0300 and .0400); operation of shellstock plants and reshippers (.0500); shucking and packing plants (.0600); depuration mechanical purification facilities (.0700); wet storage of shellstock (.0800); shellfish growing waters (.0900); summer camps (.1000); grade A milk (.1200); hospitals, nursing homes, rest homes, etc. (.1300); mass gatherings (.1400); local confinement facilities (.1500); residential care facilities (.1600); protection of water supplies (.1700); lodging places (.1800); sewage treatment and disposal systems (.1900); migrant housing (.2100); bed and breakfast homes (.2200); delegation of authority to enforce rules (.2300); public, private and religious schools (.2400); public swimming pools (.2500); restaurants, meat markets, and other food handling establishments (.2600); child day care facilities (.2800); restaurant and lodging fee collection program (.2900); bed and breakfast inns (.3000); lead poisoning prevention (.3100); tattooing (.3200); adult day service facilities (.3300); primitive camps (.3500); rules governing the sanitation of resident camps (.3600); and private drinking water well sampling (.3800).
15A NCAC 18A .2508
Special Purpose and Therapy Pools
15A NCAC 18A .2544
Podiatry Examiners, Board of
The rules in Chapter 52 concern Board of Podiatry Examiners including organization of the Board (.0100); examination and licensing (.0200); professional corporations (.0300); revocation or suspension of license (.0400); certification of podiatric assistants (.0500); general provisions (.0600); petitions for rules (.0700); notice of rulemaking hearings (.0800); rulemaking hearings (.0900); declaratory rulings (.1000); administrative hearing procedures (.1100); administrative hearings decisions related rights and procedures (.1200); nominations for podiatrist members of the board of podiatry examiners; the board of podiatry examiners constituting a board of podiatry elections; and procedures for holding an election (.1300); and scope of practice (.1400).
21 NCAC 52 .0202
Annual Renewal of License
21 NCAC 52 .0207
Fee Schedule
21 NCAC 52 .0613
Real Estate Commission
The rules in Chapter 58 are from the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. The rules in Subchapter 58A are rules relating to real estate brokers and salesmen including rules dealing with general brokerage (.0100); application for license (.0300); examinations (.0400); licensing (.0500); real estate commission hearings (.0600); petitions for rules (.0700); rulemaking (.0800); declaratory rulings (.0900); real estate education and recovery fund (.1400); discriminatory practices prohibited (.1600); mandatory continuing education (.1700); limited nonresident commercial licensing (.1800); post-licensure education (.1900); annual reports (.2000); brokers in military service (.2100); and broker price opinions and comparative market analyses (.2200).
Broker Name and Address
21 NCAC 58A .0103
21 NCAC 58A .0105
Handling and Accounting of Funds
21 NCAC 58A .0107
Retention of Records
21 NCAC 58A .0108
21 NCAC 58A .0110
Drafting Legal Instruments
21 NCAC 58A .0111
Handling of Trust Money
21 NCAC 58A .0116
Accounting for Trust Money
21 NCAC 58A .0117
Trust Money Belonging to Property Owners' Associations
21 NCAC 58A .0118
License Renewal; Penalty for Operating While License Expired
21 NCAC 58A .0503
Active and Inactive License Status
21 NCAC 58A .0504
Provisional Broker to be Supervised by Broker
21 NCAC 58A .0506
Licensing of Persons Licensed in Another Jurisdiction
21 NCAC 58A .0511
Procedures for Requesting Hearings When Applicant's Chara...
21 NCAC 58A .0616
Application for Payment
21 NCAC 58A .1401
Multiple Claims
21 NCAC 58A .1402
Notice of Hearing: Order/Pay't from/Real Estate Education...
21 NCAC 58A .1403
Exhausted Liability Limits
21 NCAC 58A .1404
21 NCAC 58A .2201
21 NCAC 58A .2202
The rules in Subchapter 58B deal with time shares including time share project registration (.0100); public offering statement (.0200); cancellation (.0300); time share sales operation (.0400); handling and accounting of funds (.0500); project broker (.0600); and time share forms (.0700)
Registration Fee
21 NCAC 58B .0102
Renewal of Time Share Project Registration
21 NCAC 58B .0103
Recreational Therapy Licensure, Board of
The rules in Chapter 65 cover the practice of recreational therapy including general provisions (.0100); requirements for practice (.0200); requirements for licensure (.0300); application (.0400); fees (.0500); license renewal requirements (.0600); reinstatement (.0700); inactive status (.0800); reciprocity (.0900); and revocation, suspension or denial of licensure (.1000).
Continuing Education Requirements for Licensed Recreation...
21 NCAC 65 .0601
Renewal Requirements for Licensed Recreational Therapist ...
21 NCAC 65 .0602
21 NCAC 65 .0901