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Commission Review
Log of Permanent Rule Filings
November 22, 2011 through December 20, 2011
Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission
The rules in Chapter 2 are from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission. The rules in Subchapter 2R are organizational rules, policies and procedures including general provisions (.0100); structure (.0200); publications, records and copies (.0300); rule-making (.0400); emergency rules (.0500); declaratory rulings (.0600); personnel policies: commission (.0700); adjudication: contested cases (.0800); fiscal rules for local boards (.0900); local abc board: personnel policies (.1000); local ABC Boards: relationship with state commission (.1100); opening and discontinuance of stores (.1200); storage and distribution of spirituous liquors: commercial transportation (.1300); purchase of alcoholic beverages by local boards (.1400); pricing of spirituous liquor (.1500); warehouse storage of spirituous liquors (.1600); retail sales of alcoholic beverages (.1700); purchase-transportation permits for individuals and mix beverages for permittees (.1800); and sales of liquor to mixed beverages permittees (.1900).
Notice of Alleged Violation
04 NCAC 02R .0802
The rules in Chapter 2 are from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission. The rules in Subchapter 2S concern retail beer, wine, mixed beverages, brownbagging, advertising, and special permits. The rules include definitions and permit application procedures (.0100); general rules affecting retailers and brownbagging permittees (.0200); malt beverages and the wine retailer/wholesaler relationship (.0300); additional requirements for brownbagging permittees (.0400); additional requirements for mixed beverages permittees (.0500); special requirements for convention centers, community theatres, sports clubs, and nonprofit and political organizations (.0600); special occasions permits (.0700); culinary permits (.0800); wine and beer tastings (.0900); advertising (.1000); and effect of administrative action, fines, and offers in compromise (.1100).
Advertising of Malt Beverages, Wine and Beverages by Reta...
04 NCAC 02S .1008
Child Care Commission
The rules in Chapter 9 are child care rules and include definitions (.0100); general provisions related to licensing (.0200); procedures for obtaining a license (.0300); issuance of provisional and temporary licenses (.0400); age and developmentally appropriate environments for centers (.0500); safety requirements for child care centers (.0600); staff qualifications (.0700); health standards for children (.0800); nutrition standards (.0900); transportation standards (.1000); continuing education and professional development (.1100); building code requirements for child care centers (.1300); space requirements (.1400); temporary care requirements (.1500); family child care home requirements (.1700); discipline (.1800); special procedures concerning abuse/neglect in child care (.1900); rulemaking and contested case procedures (.2000); religious-sponsored child care center requirements (.2100); administrative actions and civil penalties (.2200); forms (.2300); child care for mildly ill children (.2400); care for school-age children (.2500); child care for children who are medically fragile (.2600); criminal records checks (.2700); voluntary rated licenses (.2800); developmental day services (.2900); and NC pre-kindergarten services (.3000).
General Safety Requirements
10A NCAC 09 .0604
Accident/Liability Insurance
10A NCAC 09 .1725
Sheriffs Education and Training Standards Commission
Rules in Subchapter 10B are from the N. C. Sheriffs' Education and Training Standards Commission. These rules govern the commission organization and procedure (.0100); enforcement rules (.0200); minimum standards for employment as a justice officer (deputy or jailer) (.0300); certification of justice officers (.0400); standards and accreditation for justice officers schools, training programs, and the instructors (.0500-.0900); certificate and awards programs for sheriffs, deputies, justice officers, jailers, reserve officers, and telecommunicators (.1000-.1700); in-service training (.2000); and firearms in-service training and re-qualification (.2100).
Limited Lecturer Certification
12 NCAC 10B .0908
12 NCAC 10B .2004
Minimum Training Requirements
12 NCAC 10B .2005
Alarm Systems Licensing Board
The rules in Chapter 11 are from the N.C. Alarm Systems Licensing Board and cover the organization and general provisions (.0100); license applications and requirements (.0200); registration of employees of licensees (.0300); the recovery fund (.0400); and continuing education for licensees (.0500).
Application for License
12 NCAC 11 .0201
Renewal or Re-issue of License
12 NCAC 11 .0204
Application for Registration
12 NCAC 11 .0301
Renewal or Reregistration of Registration
12 NCAC 11 .0306
Marine Fisheries Commission
The rules in Subchapter 3M cover harvesting of finfish including general rules (.0100); striped bass (.0200); mackerel (.0300); menhaden and Atlantic herring (.0400); and other finfish (.0500).
15A NCAC 03M .0504
15A NCAC 03M .0519
The rules in Subchapter 3O cover various licenses (.0100); leases and franchises (.0200); license appeal procedures (.0300); Standard Commercial Fishing License Eligibility Board (.0400); and licenses, leases and franchises (.0500).
Surrender of Licenses
15A NCAC 03O .0111
Suspension, Revocation and Reissuance of Licenses
15A NCAC 03O .0114
Sedimentation Control Commission
The rules in Chapter 4 concern sedimentation control. The rules in Subchapter 4B concern erosion and sediment control.
Design Standards for the Upper Neuse River Basin
15A NCAC 04B .0132
Wildlife Resources Commission
The rules in Chapter 10 are promulgated by the Wildlife Resources Commission and concern wildlife resources and water safety. The rules in Subchapter 10B are hunting and trapping rules and cover general hunting and wildlife provisions (.0100), hunting specific animals (.0200), trapping (.0300), and tagging furs (.0400).
Wild Boar (Both Sexes)
15A NCAC 10B .0204
Water Treatment Facility Operators Certification Board
The rules in Chapter 18 deal with environmental health. The rules in Subchapter 18D concern water treatment facility operators including general policies (.0100); qualification of applicants and classification of facilities (.0200); applications and fees (.0300); issuance of certificate (.0400); rule-making procedures (.0500); contested cases (.0600) and operation and management (.0700).
Grades of Certification
15A NCAC 18D .0201
Fee Schedule
15A NCAC 18D .0304
Certification Reinstatement
15A NCAC 18D .0309
Certified Public Accountant Examiners, Board of
The rules in Subchapter 8G are the continuing professional education requirements including general provisions (.0100); responsibilities to clients and colleagues (.0200); and other responsibilities and requirements (.0300 and .0400).
Computation of CPE Credits
21 NCAC 08G .0409
Professional Ethics and Conduct CPE
21 NCAC 08G .0410
The rules in Subchapter 8J concern renewals and registrations.
Retired and Inactive Status: Change of Status
21 NCAC 08J .0105
Medical Board
The rules in Subchapter 32N concern formal and informal proceedings.
Initiation of Formal Hearings
21 NCAC 32N .0101
21 NCAC 32N .0102
Disqualification for Personal Bias
21 NCAC 32N .0103
21 NCAC 32N .0104
Informal Proceedings
21 NCAC 32N .0105
21 NCAC 32N .0106
Investigations and Complaints
21 NCAC 32N .0107
Investigative Interviews by Board Members
21 NCAC 32N .0108
Pre-Charge Conference
21 NCAC 32N .0109
Initiation of Disciplinary Hearings
21 NCAC 32N .0110
Conducting Disciplinary Hearings
21 NCAC 32N .0111
Post Hearing Motions
21 NCAC 32N .0112
Correction of Clerical Mistakes
21 NCAC 32N .0113
Podiatry Examiners, Board of
The rules in Chapter 52 concern Board of Podiatry Examiners including organization of the Board (.0100); examination and licensing (.0200); professional corporations (.0300); revocation or suspension of license (.0400); certification of podiatric assistants (.0500); general provisions (.0600); petitions for rules (.0700); notice of rulemaking hearings (.0800); rulemaking hearings (.0900); declaratory rulings (.1000); administrative hearing procedures (.1100); administrative hearings decisions related rights and procedures (.1200); nominations for podiatrist members of the board of podiatry examiners; the board of podiatry examiners constituting a board of podiatry elections; and procedures for holding an election (.1300); and scope of practice (.1400).
Continuing Education
21 NCAC 52 .0208
Real Estate Commission
The rules in Chapter 58 are from the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. The rules in Subchapter 58A are rules relating to real estate brokers and salesmen including rules dealing with general brokerage (.0100); application for license (.0300); examinations (.0400); licensing (.0500); real estate commission hearings (.0600); petitions for rules (.0700); rulemaking (.0800); declaratory rulings (.0900); real estate education and recovery fund (.1400); discriminatory practices prohibited (.1600); mandatory continuing education (.1700); limited nonresident commercial licensing (.1800); post-licensure education (.1900); annual reports (.2000); brokers in military service (.2100); and broker price opinions and comparative market analyses (.2200).
Active and Inactive License Status
21 NCAC 58A .0504
Licensing of Persons Licensed in Another Jurisdiction
21 NCAC 58A .0511