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Commission Review
Log of Permanent Rule Filings
December 21, 2011 through January 20, 2012
Insurance, Department of
The rules in Chapter 13 are from the Agent Services Division - Non-Insurance Entities including general provisions (.0100); insurance premium finance companies (.0300); motor clubs (.0400); and bail bondsmen and runners (.0500).
Analysis of Contracts
11 NCAC 13 .0308
Environmental Management Commission
The rules in Subchapter 2B pertain to surface water standards and monitoring including procedures for assignment of water quality standards (.0100); the standards used to classify the waters of the state (.0200); stream classifications (.0300); effluent limitations (.0400); monitoring and reporting requirements (.0500); and water quality management plans (.0600).
New River Basin
15A NCAC 02B .0307
Cape Fear River Basin
15A NCAC 02B .0311
The rules in Subchapter 2D are air pollution control requirements including definitions and references (.0100); air pollution sources (.0200); air pollution emergencies (.0300); ambient air quality standards (.0400); emission control standards (.0500); air pollutants monitoring and reporting (.0600); complex sources (.0800); volatile organic compounds (.0900); motor vehicle emission control standards (.1000); control of toxic air pollutants (.1100); control of emissions from incinerators (.1200); oxygenated gasoline standard (.1300); nitrogen oxide standards (.1400); general conformity for federal actions (.1600); emissions at existing municipal solid waste landfills (.1700); control of odors (.1800); open burning (.1900); transportation conformity (.2000); risk management program (.2100); special orders (.2200); emission reduction credits (.2300); clean air interstate rules (.2400); mercury rules for electric generators (.2500); and source testing (.2600).
Open Burning Without an Air Quality Permit
15A NCAC 02D .1903
Air Curtain Burners
15A NCAC 02D .1904
Medical Board
The rules in Chapter 32 are from the Medical Board and include the licensing and practice standards of doctors, approval of nurse practitioners and physician assistants, regulation of professional corporations and mobile intensive care, and other aspects of medical practice and the regulatory procedures. The rules in Subchapter 32U cover the administration of vaccines by pharmacists.
Administration of Vaccines by Pharmacists
21 NCAC 32U .0101
Pharmacy, Board of
The rules in Chapter 46 cover organization of the board (.1200); general definitions (.1300); hospitals and other health facilities (.1400); admission requirements and examinations (.1500); licenses and permits (.1600); drugs dispensed by nurse and physician assistants (.1700); prescriptions (.1800); forms (.1900); administrative provisions (.2000); elections (.2100); continuing education (.2200); prescription information and records (.2300); dispensing in health departments (.2400); miscellaneous provisions (.2500); devices (.2600); nuclear pharmacy (.2700); compounding (.2800); product selection (.2900); disposal of unwanted drugs (.3000); clinical pharmacist practitioner (.3100); impaired pharmacist peer review program (.3200); and registry of pharmacist technicians (.3300).
Administration of Vaccines by Pharmacists
21 NCAC 46 .2507