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Commission Review
Log of Temporary Rule Filings
January 30, 2014 through February 20, 2014
Environment and Natural Resources, Department of (retired)
The rules in Chapter 28 are from the NC Aquariums and concern use of North Carolina Aquariums (.0100); scheduling activities for group use (.0200); unauthorized use of facilities, fees (.0300); firearms, fires, and smoking (.0400); conduct, alcoholic beverages, pets and proper dress (.0500); commercial activities, solicitations, etc. (.0600); and preservation of aquarium property (.0700).
Fee Schedule
15A NCAC 28 .0302
Education, State Board of
The rules in Chapter 6 concern elementary and secondary education. The rules in Subchapter 6C concern personnel including general provisions (.0100); teacher education (.0200); certification (.0300); annuities and pensions (.0400); performance appraisal system (.0500); and code of professional practice and conduct for North Carolina educators (.0600).
Model Teacher Contract
16 NCAC 06C .0701
State Human Resources Commission
The rules in Chapter 1 are from the State Personnel Commission. The rules in Subchapter 1C concern personnel administration including employment (.0100); general employment policies (.0200); personnel records and reports (.0300); appointment (.0400); work schedule (.0500); competitive service (.0600); secondary employment (.0700); requirements for teleworking programs (.0800); employee recognition programs (.0900); and separation (.1000).
Equal Employment Opportunity
25 NCAC 01C .0202
The rules in Subchapter 1H concern recruitment and selection including general provisions (.0600); general provision for priority consideration (.0700); promotional priority (.0800); reduction-in-force-priority reemployment (.0900); exempt priority consideration (.1000); and veteran's preference (.1100).
Denial of Veterans' Preference
25 NCAC 01H .1103
The rules in Subchapter 1J cover employee grievances (.0500); disciplinary actions including suspensions and dismissals (.0600); Governor's Award for Excellence (.0800); internal performance pay dispute resolution procedures (.0900); state employees assistance program (.1000); unlawful workplace harassment (.1100); employee grievances (.1200); employee appeals and grievance process (.1300); and employee mediation and grievance process (.1400).
Discrimination and Retaliation
25 NCAC 01J .0617
Appeal of Denial of Veterans' Preference
25 NCAC 01J .0618
25 NCAC 01J .1308
Health Insurance
25 NCAC 01J .1309
25 NCAC 01J .1310
25 NCAC 01J .1311
Administrative Hearings, Office of
The rules in Chapter 3 are from the Hearings Division and cover procedure (.0100); mediated settlement conferences (.0200); simplified procedures for medicaid applicant and recipient repeals (.0400); and electronic filing (.0500).
26 NCAC 03 .0118