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Commission Review
Log of Temporary Rule Filings
October 26, 2011 through November 17, 2011
Public Health, Commission for
The rules in Chapter 41 concern epidemiology health. The rules in Subchapter 41A deal with communicable disease control and include reporting of communicable diseases (.0100); control measures for communicable diseases including special control measures (.0200-.0300); immunization (.0400); purchase and distribution of vaccine (.0500); special program/project funding (.0600); licensed nursing home services (.0700); communicable disease grants and contracts (.0800); and biological agent registry (.0900).
Reporting of Healthcare Associated Infections
10A NCAC 41A .0106
The rules in Chapter 18 cover environmental aspects of health such as sanitation (18A), mosquito control (18B), water supplies (18C), and water treatment facility operators (18D). The rules in Subchapter 18A deal with sanitation and include handling, packing and shipping of crustacean meat (.0100) and shellfish (.0300 and .0400); operation of shellstock plants and reshippers (.0500); shucking and packing plants (.0600); depuration mechanical purification facilities (.0700); wet storage of shellstock (.0800); shellfish growing waters (.0900); summer camps (.1000); grade A milk (.1200); hospitals, nursing homes, rest homes, etc. (.1300); mass gatherings (.1400); local confinement facilities (.1500); residential care facilities (.1600); protection of water supplies (.1700); lodging places (.1800); sewage treatment and disposal systems (.1900); migrant housing (.2100); bed and breakfast homes (.2200); delegation of authority to enforce rules (.2300); public, private and religious schools (.2400); public swimming pools (.2500); restaurants, meat markets, and other food handling establishments (.2600); child day care facilities (.2800); restaurant and lodging fee collection program (.2900); bed and breakfast inns (.3000); lead poisoning prevention (.3100); tattooing (.3200); adult day service facilities (.3300); primitive camps (.3500); rules governing the sanitation of resident camps (.3600); and private drinking water well sampling (.3800).
15A NCAC 18A .2528