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Commission Review
Log of Temporary Rule Filings
February 05, 2010
HHS - Health Service Regulation, Division of
The rules in Chapter 14 concern services provided by the Division of Health Service Regulation. The rules in Subchapter 14C are Certificate of Need regulations including general provisions (.0100); applications and review process (.0200); exemptions (.0300); appeal process (.0400); enforcement and sanctions (.0500); and criteria and standards for nursing facility or adult care home services (.1100), intensive care services (.1200), pediatric intensive care services (.1300), neonatal services (.1400), hospices, hospice inpatient facilities, and hospice residential care facilities (.1500), cardiac catheterization equipment and cardiac angioplasty equipment (.1600), open heart surgery services and heart-lung bypass machines (.1700), diagnostic centers (.1800), radiation therapy equipment (.1900), home health services (.2000), surgical services and operating rooms (.2100), end stage renal disease services (.2200), computed tomography equipment (.2300), immediate care facility/mentally retarded (ICF/MR) (.2400), substance abuse/chemical dependency treatment beds (.2500), psychiatric beds (.2600), magnetic resonance imaging scanner (.2700), rehabilitation services (.2800), bone marrow transplantation services (.2900), solid organ transplantation services (.3000), major medical equipment (.3100), lithotriptor equipment (.3200), air ambulance (.3300), burn intensive care services (.3400), oncology treatment centers (.3500), gamma knife (.3600), positron emission tomography scanner (.3700), acute care beds (.3800), gastrointestinal endoscopy procedure rooms in licensed health service facilities (.3900), and hospice inpatient facilities and hospice residential care facilities (.4000).
10A NCAC 14C .1701