NCAC Table of Contents
NCAC > Title 01 - Administration
Chapter 01Departmental Rules
Chapter 02State Budget and Management (Recodified to 9 NCAC 3)
Chapter 03General Services
Chapter 04Auxiliary Services
Chapter 05Purchase and Contract
Chapter 06State Property and Construction
Chapter 07State Management Systems (Repealed)
Chapter 08State Personnel (Recodified to 25 NCAC 1)
Chapter 09Intergovernmental Relations
Chapter 10State Planning
Chapter 11Human Relations Council
Chapter 12Marine Affairs
Chapter 13Citizen Participation
Chapter 14Drug Commission (Recodified to 10 NCAC 45)
Chapter 15Indian Affairs
Chapter 16Child Day Care (Repealed)
Chapter 17Council for Women
Chapter 18Employment and Training (Transferred to 15 NCAC 17B)
Chapter 19Youth Involvement
Chapter 20Deferred Compensation Plan (Repealed)
Chapter 21Administrative Analysis
Chapter 22Clean Water Bond Act (Repealed)
Chapter 23Regional Water Supply Planning Act of 1971
Chapter 24Regional Sewage Disposal Planning Act of 1971
Chapter 25Environmental Policy Act
Chapter 26Veterans Affairs
Chapter 27Advocacy Council on Children and Youth (Repealed)
Chapter 28Council on Employment of the Handicapped (Repealed)
Chapter 29Advocacy Council for the Mentally Ill (Repealed)
Chapter 30State Construction
Chapter 31State Computer Center (Repealed)
Chapter 32Motor Fleet Management (Repealed)
Chapter 33Federal Block Grant Funds
Chapter 34Telephone Systems (Repealed)
Chapter 35State Employees Combined Campaign
Chapter 36Agency for Public Telecommunications
Chapter 37Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Authority
Chapter 38Motor Fleet Management
Chapter 39Administration's Minimum Criteria
Chapter 40Nonpublic Education
Chapter 41State Energy Office
Chapter 42North Carolina Commission on State Property
Chapter 43Surplus Property
Chapter 44Office for Historically Underutilized Businesses
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