NCAC Table of Contents
NCAC > Title 02 - Agriculture and Consumer Services
Chapter 01Departmental Rules (Repealed)
Chapter 02Rule Making and Contested Case Procedures (Repealed)
Chapter 03Commissioner of Agriculture (Repealed)
Chapter 04Board of Agriculture (Repealed)
Chapter 05Deputy Commissioner of Agriculture (Repealed)
Chapter 06Public Affairs Office (Repealed)
Chapter 07Animal Health (Repealed)
Chapter 08Consumer Standards (Repealed)
Chapter 09Food and Drug Protection
Chapter 10Pesticide and Plant Protection
Chapter 11Seed and Fertilizer
Chapter 12Agronomic
Chapter 13Crop Statistics (Repealed)
Chapter 14Food Distribution (Repealed)
Chapter 15Markets (Repealed)
Chapter 16Research Stations (Repealed)
Chapter 17State Farm Operations (Repealed)
Chapter 18Museum of Natural History (Repealed)
Chapter 19Administrative Services (Repealed)
Chapter 20State Fair
Chapter 21State Farmers' Market (Repealed)
Chapter 22Rural Rehabilitation Corporation
Chapter 23Swine Disease Committee (Repealed)
Chapter 24Livestock Market Advisory (Repealed)
Chapter 25Gasoline and Oil Inspection (Repealed)
Chapter 26Structural Pest Control (Repealed)
Chapter 27Pesticide Board (Repealed)
Chapter 28Pesticide Advisory Committee (Repealed)
Chapter 29Board of Crop Seed Improvement
Chapter 30State Farm Operations (Repealed)
Chapter 31Agricultural Hall of Fame
Chapter 32Advisory Board for Natural History Museum (Repealed)
Chapter 33Cattle Disease Committee (Repealed)
Chapter 34Structural Pest Control
Chapter 35Western N.C. Farmers' Market (Transferred)
Chapter 36Organization and Procedures (Repealed)
Chapter 37Agronomic Services
Chapter 38Consumer Standards
Chapter 39State Organic Program
Chapter 40Reserved
Chapter 41Reserved
Chapter 42Gas and Oil Inspection
Chapter 43Markets
Chapter 44Museum of Natural History (Repealed)
Chapter 45Crop and Livestock Reporting Service (Repealed)
Chapter 46Grain Dealers
Chapter 47Reserved
Chapter 48Plant Industry
Chapter 49Reserved
Chapter 50Reserved
Chapter 51State Farm Operations and Food Distribution
Chapter 52Veterinary
Chapter 53Aquaculture
Chapter 54Grant Programs
Chapter 55Hurricane Floyd Recovery Programs
Chapter 56Hurricane Floyd Agriculture Crisis Fund
Chapter 57Tobacco Trust Fund Commission
Chapter 58Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund
Chapter 59Soil and Water Conservation Commission
Chapter 60Division of Forest Resources
Chapter 61Sanitation of Bedding
Chapter 62Industrial Hemp Commission
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