01 NCAC 09 .0501             FUNCTION

The State Clearinghouse was designated by the Governor to coordinate the intergovernmental review process.  This process affords state and local officials the opportunity to comment on intergovernmental plans, programs, and actions that may impact their jurisdictions.  The process provides for planning coordination at all levels.  The State Clearinghouse also coordinates the review of environmental statements pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act and the North Carolina Environmental Policy Act, 1971.  The State Clearinghouse has the following responsibilities:

(1)           Provide liaison with federal agencies regarding state review requirements, federal programs subject to review, and federal actions on programs of concern.

(2)           Develop uniform statewide policies and procedures that relate to interagency/intergovernmental reviews.

(3)           Communicate the state review process recommendation to the federal agencies.

(4)           Establish interagency linkages for review of activities of an intergovernmental nature.

(5)           Maintain records of federal assistance requests and federal funding award actions and report as needed.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 113A; 143‑341; Federal Executive Order 12372;

Eff. December 1, 1983.