01 ncac 35B .0105          Statewide campaign organization

(a)  To be eligible for consideration as a potential Statewide Campaign Organization, the applicant shall:

(1)           demonstrate the ability to manage a state-wide fund-raising campaign in the form of experience and references;

(2)           have an Audit to demonstrate a history of financial accountability;

(3)           be a tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code;

(4)           have the means to verify a bond or obtain proof of insurance in an amount that covers the total amount of funds to be allocated to each of the respective Charitable Organizations based on the previous campaign year contributions; and

(5)           agree to comply with the terms of the Statewide Campaign Organization contract.

(b)  The Statewide Campaign Organization shall conduct its own organization operations separately from their duties performed as the Statewide Campaign Organization for the SECC.

(c)  The Statewide Campaign Organization shall:

(1)           serve as the financial administrator of the SECC;

(2)           provide staff to administer, maintain records, and provide central management functions such as review applications, arrange meetings, and answer questions for the SECC in consultation with the SECC Advisory Committee;

(3)           review Independent Organization and Federation applications for compliance with Rules .0202 and .0203 of this Subchapter;

(4)           provide a centralized pledge processing service in order to process all pledge forms of state employees;

(5)           compile reports for the SECC Advisory Committee including;

(A)          a list of all Independent Organizations and Federations approved in accordance with these Rules;

(B)          a budget of anticipated Fund-raising, Administrative, and Program Services expenses; and

(C)          an annual work plan of goals and objectives.

(6)           print and distribute pledge forms, campaign report forms and collection envelopes to each Campaign Solicitation Organization;

(7)           collect pledge reports and envelopes from each Campaign Solicitation Organization;

(8)           notify the Independent Organization and Federation of contributions they are to receive no later than March 1 following the Campaign Solicitation Period;

(9)           transmit quarterly to the Independent Organization and Federation its portion of the charitable contributions;

(10)         maintain an accounting of all Campaign Contributions and submit an audited end of campaign report of the following:

(A)          amounts contributed and pledged;

(B)          number of contributions; and

(C)          amounts distributed to the participating Independent Organization or Federation.

(11)         coordinate annual statewide or regional training sessions for all Campaign Solicitation Organizations;

(12)         serve as liaison to all participating Independent Organizations and Federations;

(13)         educate state employees in the services provided through their support;

(14)         deduct, before disbursements are made, direct costs of operating the SECC from the gross contributions and charge each Independent Organization or Federation its proportionate share of the operational costs as determined in Rule .0107 of this Section; and

(15)         document the total actual costs of the SECC, which shall not exceed 20 percent of gross contributions.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143-340(26);

Eff. April 1, 2020.