(a)  The statutory rate for use of a private vehicle is the rate of reimbursement set by the Legislature.   Employees may be reimbursed by their agency at statutory rates when using their personal vehicles for state business when the round trip does not exceed 60 miles and travel is approved by their agency head.

(b)  When trips are to exceed 60 miles, agencies shall use a state vehicle if one is available within the Raleigh servicing area.  If a motor pool vehicle cannot be supplied, the motor pool dispatcher must stamp the FM2 form before the trip is made in a private vehicle, indicating a motor pool vehicle is unavailable when needed.

(c)  Statutory rates may also be paid to employees with physical handicaps when equipment for operating a vehicle is not available on state‑owned vehicles.  Also, when use of a private vehicle is in the best interest of the state and results from the particular requirements of the employee's duties, statutory rates may be paid.

(d)  Reimbursement at statutory rates shall be limited to actual miles driven on official state business only.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 138-6; 143‑341(8)i;

Eff. October 1, 1992.