01 NCAC 41C .0303          REPORT REQUIRED

A qualified third party technical analyst shall submit three copies of the results of a Technical Analysis in writing on a form provided by the State Energy Office.  The report must include the following:

(1)           A description of facility characteristics and energy data, including the operational characteristics of the energy‑using systems;

(2)           A description and engineering analysis of each identified energy conservation measure, including the following:

(a)           An estimate of the cost of design, acquisition, and installation, including monitoring equipment to assess the performance of the measure discussing assumptions as necessary;

(b)           An estimate of the annual energy and energy cost savings by fuel type using generally accepted engineering standards and practices, including all formulae, data and assumptions clearly presented in arriving at the estimate;

(c)           The results of a combustion efficiency test, if furnace or boiler modifications or replacements are being implemented;

(d)           The simple payback period of each energy conservation measure, calculated by dividing the estimated total cost of the measure by the estimated annual energy cost saving;

(e)           A proposed construction schedule for each energy conservation measure; and

(f)            The payback period of each energy conservation measure;

(3)           The energy use and cost data for each fuel type used for the prior 12‑month period, by month or in accordance with the usual billing cycle;

(4)           An outline of qualifications of the analyst documenting previous experience in energy conservation in building construction, mechanical systems, and/or manufacturing processes.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143-345.18(b)(2a); 143-345.18(b)(3);

Eff. September 1, 2004.