01 NCAC 41D .0201          BANKING

(a)  EPActs credits shall be accrued and banked according to the following:

(1)           The U.S. DOE Alternative Fuel Transportation Program (10 CFR Part 490) requires that 75% of LDVs acquired by state fleets shall be FFVs, compressed natural gas vehicles, propane vehicles or electric vehicles;

(2)           One credit is earned for each OEM or EPA certified retrofit FFV, compressed natural gas, propane or electric vehicle purchased;

(3)           Credits that exceed the annual minimum state AFV acquisition requirements may be banked through the U.S. DOE Office of Freedom Car and Vehicle Technologies Program to meet future year requirements or traded;

(4)           State fleets can earn Biodiesel Fuel Use Credits to meet 50% of their annual AFV acquisition requirements by purchasing and using biodiesel; and

(5)           Biodiesel Fuel Use Credits cannot be traded or banked.

(b)  Credits are determined by state agencies in cooperation with the State Energy Office in the following manner:

(1)           Each year by December 1st every State department, institution and agency subject to EPAct requirements shall provide the State Energy Office with the types of vehicles purchased, the vehicle identification numbers and the dates of purchase to determine the number of EPAct credits generated by the State; and

(2)           The SEO shall submit an annual EPAct credit report to the U.S. DOE by December 31st.

(c)  The following provisions shall be used in determining credits:

(1)           EPAct credits eligible for sale include FFVs if the FFVs are operating on E85;

(2)           EPAct credits generated through the use of B20 are not eligible for sale or transfer, however, they shall be used by the State to meet 50% of Energy Policy Act requirements; and

(3)           State agencies and institutions that purchase FFVs shall record the use of E85 for the FFVs.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143-58.4; 143-58.5;

Eff. May 1, 2007.