The Office for Historically Underutilized Businesses shall request the following documentation based on the business structure of the applicant, to determine that the applicant's ownership, management and control of daily business operations are consistent with the eligibility requirements as provided in G.S. 143.48.4 and 143-128.4:

(1)           All Applicants:

(a)           Work experience resumes for all owners that include places of ownership/employment with corresponding dates;

(b)           Proof of citizenship or Permanent Residence (Birth Certificate, Passport, Voter's Registration Card, Green Card, Military ID, or Driver's License);

(c)           Proof of Ethnicity (Passport, Green Card, Birth Certificate);

(d)           Copies of Professional Licenses, if required;

(e)           Schedule of Salaries paid to all officers, managers, owners, or directors of the firm;

(f)            Copies of signed leases for office and storage space;

(g)           List of equipment (leased or owned) along with signed lease agreements, titles/proof of ownership of equipment needed to operate the business;

(h)           Documented proof of contributions used to acquire ownership for each owner;

(i)            Statement prepared and signed by banking institution listing names of all persons who have signature authority for the business account;

(j)            Two letters of reference (with contact information, nature and duration of relationship; and

(k)           Home state certification for out of state businesses, if applicable;

(2)           Corporation or LLC or Franchise:

(a)           All documentation requested in Item (1) of this Rule;

(b)           Official Articles of Incorporation (signed by State official if incorporated;

(c)           Both sides of all Corporate Certificates and Stock if incorporated;

(d)           Assumed Name Certificate if applicable;

(e)           Transfer ledger;

(f)            Shareholders Agreement;

(g)           Minutes of first and most recent stockholder and Board of Directors meetings;

(h)           Corporate bylaws and any amendments if incorporated;

(i)            Articles of Organization (LLC);

(j)            Operating Agreement (LLC); and

(k)           Franchise Agreement (Franchise); and

(3)           Partnership or Joint Venture:

(a)           All documentation requested in Item (1) of this Rule;

(b)           Partnership Agreement if a partnership;

(c)           Joint Venture Agreement if a joint venture.

The HUB Office shall take all necessary steps to safeguard information requested in compliance with State and federal law, including G.S. 14-113.2; 14-113.8(6); 132-1.2; and 132-1.10.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143-48(d1); 143-128.3(e1);

Eff. June 1, 2008;

Amended Eff. June 1, 2009.