02 NCAC 09E .0111          ADULTERANTS

(a)  For the purpose of Section 106‑284.38(1) of the North Carolina Commercial Feed Law of 1973, the terms "poisonous or deleterious substances" include but are not limited to the following:

(1)           fluorine and any mineral mixture which is to be used directly for the feeding of domestic animals and in which the fluorine exceeds 0.30 percent for cattle; 0.35 percent for sheep; and 0.45 percent for swine and 0.60 percent for poultry;

(2)           fluorine bearing ingredients when used in such amounts that they raise the fluorine content of the total ration above the following amounts:  0.009 percent for cattle; 0.01 percent for sheep; 0.014 percent for swine; and 0.035 percent for poultry;

(3)           soybean meal, flakes or pellets or other vegetable meals, flakes or pellets which have been extracted with trichlorethylene or other chlorinated solvents;

(4)           sulfur dioxide, sulfurous acid, and salts of sulfurous acid when used in or on feeds or feed ingredients which are considered or reported to be a significant source of vitamin B‑1 (Thiamine).

(b)  All screenings or by‑products of grains and seeds containing weed seeds, when used in commercial feed or sold as such to the ultimate consumer, shall be ground fine enough or otherwise treated to destroy the viability of such weed seeds so that the finished product contains no more than four whole prohibited weed seeds per pound and not more than 100 whole restricted weed seeds per pound.

(c)  Definitions

(1)           For the purpose of Subsection (c)(2) of 02 NCAC 09E .0111, the terms "prohibited weed seed" and "restricted weed seed" shall conform to the definitions in Section 106‑277.2(22)(a) and (b) of the North Carolina Seed Law.  Notwithstanding the above mentioned tolerances, the presence of any seed in concentrations which are harmful to poultry or livestock shall be dealt with under Section 106‑284.38 of the North Carolina Commercial Feed Law.

(2)           Prohibited weed seed shall include the following:

(A)          Crotalaria‑‑Crotalaria spp.;

(B)          Johnson grass‑‑sorghum halepense;

(C)          Nutgrass‑‑Cyperus rotundus;

(D)          Witchweed‑‑Striga asiatica.

(3)           Restricted weed seed shall include the following:

(A)          Cocklebur (Xanthium spp.);

(B)          Blessed thistle‑‑Cnicus benedictus;

(C)          Sandbur‑‑Cenchrus pauciflorus;

(D)          Wild onions and/or wild garlic‑‑Allium spp.;

(E)           Wild radish‑‑Raphanus raphanistrum;

(F)           Bermuda grass‑‑Cynodon dactylon;

(G)          Canada thistle‑‑Cirsium arvense;

(H)          Corncockle‑‑Agrostemma githago;

(I)            Field bindweed‑‑Convolvulus arvensis;

(J)            Quackgrass‑‑Agropyron repens;

(K)          Giant foxtail‑‑Setaria faberi;

(L)           Dodders‑‑Cuscuta spp.;

(M)         Dock‑‑Rumex crispus and/or obtusifolius;

(N)          Horsenettle‑‑Solanum carolinense;

(O)          Bracted plantain‑‑Plantago aristata;

(P)           Buckhorn plantain‑‑Plantago lanceolata;

(Q)          Wild mustard et al‑‑Brassica spp.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑284.41;

Eff. February 1, 1976;

Amended Eff. October 1, 1987;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. March 22, 2015.