(a)  In order to insure that certified commercial pesticide applicators, public operators, and pest control consultants continue to meet the needs of changing technology necessary for the safe and effective use of pesticides, they shall be subject to recertification requirements as herein defined.

(b)  In no event will the license of a certified commercial pesticide applicator, public operator, or pest control consultant continue to be renewed annually for more than five years for individuals licensed to use ground equipment or two years for individuals (contractors and pilots) licensed to use aerial equipment unless the individual has been recertified through one of the options in Rule .0522 of this Section.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143‑437(1); 143‑440(b); 143‑452(a); 143‑453(c)(2); 143‑455(d);

Eff. September 10, 1980.