(a)  "Under the direct supervision of" shall include the receipt by the non‑certified applicator of verifiable specific and individual job or work assignments and instructions from the certified applicator under whose direct supervision and control the non‑certified applicator is functioning prior to the use and application of a restricted use pesticide. In other situations as required by the label, the actual physical presence of a certified applicator may be required when application is made by a non‑certified applicator.

(b)  Application of restricted use pesticide may be made by non‑certified applicators provided such applicator is a competent person(s) acting under the direct supervision of a certified applicator whose certification permits such application.

(c)  The certified applicator acting in a supervisory role shall be available to the non‑certified applicator in the event he is needed.  It shall be the responsibility of the certified applicator to keep the non‑certified applicator fully aware of all directions for use and cautions necessary for safe use and application of any restricted use pesticide he may be directed to apply.

(d)  All non‑certified applicators applying any restricted use pesticide under the direct supervision of a certified applicator shall have available at the application site or at the loading and mixing site, if different from the application site, the following:

(1)           detailed written or printed directions for applying the restricted use pesticide (pesticide product label may suffice);

(2)           detailed written or printed instructions describing procedures to be followed in order to prevent injury to the applicator, other persons and/or unreasonable adverse effects on the environment (pesticide product label may suffice); and

(3)           detailed instructions for contacting the certified applicator under whose supervision the non‑certified applicator is working (i.e., name, location, telephone number, radio contact, etc.);  Such instructions, when followed, shall result in direct communication with the certified applicator.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143‑440;

Eff. December 1, 1976;

Amended Eff. February 5, 1978.