02 NCAC 20B .0304          ENTRY REQUIREMENTS

(a)  All applications for entry must be made in accordance with instructions and rules of the department premium list.  Entry blanks and department rules may be obtained from:

Entry Department


North Carolina State Fair

Administration Building

1025 Blue Ridge Road

Raleigh, North Carolina 27607


The entry blanks, after being filled out and signed, must be filed with the entry department not later than the date specified for the closing of entries in the various departments of the fair.

(b)  Entry closing dates for each of the competitive departments will be determined by the fair manager and will be posted in the department premium list.

(c)  Exhibitors in the horse, cattle, swine, sheep and poultry departments must pay, upon filing application for entry, the fees required in these departments.

(d)  Any animal or exhibit which shows evidence of artificial means having been employed with intent to deceive for the purpose of removing or remedying physical defects or conformation, shall, together with any other entry or entries owned by the exhibitor of same, be forthwith excluded from participation in any of the awards.  The said exhibitor likewise shall be prohibited from participation in competition and any and all awards or premiums previously awarded to said exhibitor shall be withdrawn.  The judge in each classification shall have authority to make a final determination in the matter.

(e)  All animals entered under a breed classification must have been recorded in an association recognized by the particular breed.  Exhibitors must produce a certificate or registry at the request of the superintendent in charge of the department.

(f)  All animals shown must be owned by the exhibitor from the time of making entry, except as otherwise provided in special rules of the department.

(g)  Exhibitors making entries and not exhibiting, shall forfeit all fees paid for entry, stalls, pens and space.

(h)  Corporations or partnerships entering for competition must be in lawful existence at the time of making entry, and in all cases must be bona fide, and affidavits relating thereto may be required by the fair manager from appropriate persons.

(i)  Exhibits which have been erroneously entered may, at the discretion of the fair manager or the superintendent of the department, be transferred to their proper lots previous to judging.  If such lots have been judged, they shall not be re‑judged.

(j)  Should any individual, partnership or corporation enter an animal or article in a name other than that of the bona fide owner, except as otherwise provided in special department rules, or attempt to perpetrate a fraud by the misrepresentation of any facts, or in the exhibition of said animal or article, the entry thus made shall not be allowed to compete for or receive any premiums, and said individual, partnership or corporation may, at the option of the fair manager, be barred from further showing, and any premiums previously awarded may be forfeited.

(k)  Articles entered for premiums which are the result of mechanical or artistic skill, must be entered in the name of the artist, inventor, manufacturer or maker.

(l)  The fair manager reserves the right to refuse entries or prohibit the exhibition of animals or articles entered if the showing of such animals or articles is contrary to law, or violative of the fair's valid interest in providing for the health, safety and protection of the fair‑going public.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑503;

Eff. February 1, 1976;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. September 19, 2015.