(a)  A duplicate of each written agreement and waiver (if applicable) for the control or prevention of any wood‑destroying organism shall be kept by the licensee for a minimum of two years beyond the expiration date of the written agreement.  The duplicate of each written agreement shall contain, in addition to the information specified under 02 NCAC 34 .0605, the following:

(1)           EPA approved brand name of pesticide used;

(2)           Names of all employees who applied pesticide;

(3)           Information required by EPA;

(4)           For restricted use pesticides, the concentration and approximate total volume of each pesticide applied. For restricted use pesticides, this information, along with the information required by Subparagraphs (a)(1) and  (2)of this Rule shall also be included on the customer's copy of the written agreement; and

(5)           In addition, for all treatments performed pursuant to 02 NCAC 34 .0505 or .0506, the following records shall be made and maintained:

(A)          the date of each termiticide application;

(B)          the portion or portions of the structure treated;

(C)          the approximate volume of termiticide applied during each treatment; and

(D)          the concentration at which the termiticide is applied.

(b)  A duplicate of each wood‑destroying insect or wood‑destroying organism report shall be kept by the licensee for a minimum of two years beyond the date of issuance.

(c)  Noncommercial certified applicators shall maintain the following records for two years beyond the last date of treatment:

(1)           EPA approved brand name of all pesticides used;

(2)           Concentration and approximate total volume of pesticide applied;

(3)           Names of all employees that applied pesticide;

(4)           Target pest;

(5)           Site of application;

(6)           Date of application; and

(7)           Information required by EPA.

(d)  If the pesticide used to control any wood-destroying organism requires or recommends monitoring or inspecting for the pest to be controlled, the licensee, certified applicator, or their employees shall make and maintain records of all such inspection or monitoring activities.  Such records shall be made available for inspection as provided for in 02 NCAC 34 .0328.

(e)  For all treatments performed pursuant to 02 NCAC 34 .0505 or .0506, the licensee shall place, or cause to be placed, a record of treatment in the permit box or, if no box exists, with the building permit on the job site.  The treatment record shall be on a form prescribed by the Division and shall include at least the following information:

(1)           Date of application(s);

(2)           Specific area(s) treated during each application;

(3)           Name of termiticide applied;

(4)           Approximate volume of termiticide applied; and

(5)           Date of final treatment.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑65.29;

Eff. July 1, 1976;

Readopted Eff. November 22, 1977;

Amended Eff. August 3, 1992; January 1, 1989; August 1, 1980;

Temporary Amendment Eff. January 10, 1997;

Temporary Amendment Expired Eff. October 31, 1997;

Amended Eff. July 1, 2004; August 1, 2002; July 1, 1998.