02 Ncac 48a .0250          Health Certificates

The State Apiarist shall grant health certificates as follows:

(1)           For queen breeders, package bee shippers, and nuclei producers in North Carolina:

(a)           The beekeeper shall have an inspector inspect all of the bees owned or operated by the beekeeper at least one time a year at a time the bees are actively rearing brood;

(b)           All frames of brood shall be inspected in each hive;

(c)           If no disease is found, the State Apiarist shall issue a North Carolina health certificate dated to expire 12 months after issuance;

(d)           If disease is found the disease shall be suppressed by destruction of hives or eradicated by fumigation;

(e)           The inspector must wait 30 days after the disease has been eradicated or suppressed before performing a re-inspection of remaining hives for health certification purposes; and

(2)           For certification of bees to be moved from North Carolina:

(a)           The inspector shall inspect the bees according to the entry requirements of the destination state or country;

(b)           A uniform health certificate shall be issued if the disease freedom requirements of the destination state are met;

(c)           The State Apiarist may make any additional declarations for which he has supporting data when such declarations are required by the destination state; and

(d)           The inspector may mark or stamp hives that are disease-free if such is required by the destination state.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106-638; 106-639;

Eff. January 1, 2011.