02 Ncac 48a .0251          Compliance Agreement

(a)  A compliance agreement may be made between the State Apiarist and those rearing bees for sale provided the shipper agrees to:

(1)           Notify the State Apiarist of bees shipped into or within North Carolina, the date shipped, and the destination;

(2)           Not use chemotherapy to mask the presence of disease;

(3)           Not exchange used frames in the operation;

(4)           Have all of his bees inspected twice a year when brood is present, and at intervals no less than 90 days, and send the State Apiarist copies of health certification issued; and

(5)           Meet all other conditions provided for by the rules in this Section.

(b)  If conditions within the state of origin warrant or violations of the compliance agreement or other health standards occur, the State Apiarist shall discontinue the issuance of compliance agreements and revoke any outstanding agreements.

(c)  The compliance agreement expires December 31 of each year unless revoked by the State Apiarist prior to that date.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106-638;

Eff. January 1, 2011.