02 Ncac 48a .0259 diseases and disorders of special concern

The following diseases, disorders, and conditions are of special concern to beekeeping in North Carolina. These are prescribed for special regulatory action as referenced in the rules in this Section:

(1) American foulbrood disease, Paenibacillus larvae;

(2) Chalkbrood disease, Ascosphaera apis;

(3) Any bee disease or disorder which, in the opinion of and so declared by the Commissioner, constitutes a threat to the bee and honey industry in North Carolina;

(4) Any bee of the genus Apis other than Apis mellifera;

(5) Any bees, beekeeping equipment or products that have been moved or used in violation of North Carolina bee and honey statutes and rules;

(6) Genetic material of exotic strains of bees;

(7) Honeybee tracheal mite, Acarapis woodi, Rennie;

(8) Africanized bee Hybrids of Apis mellifera scutellata;

(9) Varroa mite Varroa destructor; and

(10) Small Hive Beetle Aethina tumida.


History Note: Authority G.S. 106-640;

Eff. January 1, 2011.