02 NCAC 48A .0601          DEFINITIONS

For the purposes of this Section, in addition to definitions contained in G.S. 106‑65.69, the following shall apply:

(1)           Compliance Agreement.  A written agreement between a person engaged in growing, dealing in or moving regulated articles and the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, Plant Industry Division, wherein the former agrees to comply with conditions specified in the agreement to prevent the dissemination of the boll weevil;

(2)           Exemptions.  Provisions contained in these Regulations which provide for modifications in conditions of movement of regulated articles from regulated areas under specified conditions;

(3)           Elimination Zone.  That portion of this state where eradication of the boll weevil is undertaken as an objective;

(4)           Inspector.  Any authorized employee of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, Plant Industry Division, or any other person authorized by the Commissioner of Agriculture to enforce the provisions of this Section;

(5)           Regulated Area.  Any state other than North Carolina or any portion of such state that is infested with the boll weevil;

(6)           Noninfested Area.  That portion of this state not included in an elimination zone;

(7)           Seed Cotton.  Cotton as it comes from the field prior to ginning;

(8)           Gin Trash.  All of the material produced during the cleaning and ginning of seed cotton, bollies or snapped cotton except the lint, cottonseed and gin waste;

(9)           Noncommercial Cotton.  Cotton intended for purposes other than processing;

(10)         ASCS.  United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service;

(11)         Farm Operator.  Person responsible for production and sale of a cotton crop on any individual farm;

(12)         Used Cotton Harvesting Equipment.  Previously utilized cotton equipment used to harvest, strip, transport, or destroy cotton;

(13)         Cotton Crop Residue Destruction.  Mowing of cotton plant stalks left in field after harvesting of crop is completed.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑65.77; 106‑65.91;

Eff. January 1, 1985;

Amended Eff. May 1, 1992; January 1, 1991.