The following conditions govern the movement of regulated articles:

(1)           A certificate or permit is required to transport regulated articles from a regulated area into or through any elimination zone in this state.

(2)           A certificate or permit is required to transport regulated articles from one elimination zone into or through another elimination zone, and may be required to move regulated articles(s) within an elimination zone when an inspector determines that the regulated article(s) present a hazard of spread and the person in possession thereof has been notified.

(3)           When certificates or permits are required, they shall be securely attached to the outside of the container in which the articles are moved except where the certificate or permit is attached to the shipping document and the regulated articles are adequately described on the shipping document or on the certificate or permit, the attachment of the certificate or permit to each of the containers is not required.

(4)           Certificates may be issued by an inspector if the regulated articles:

(a)           have originated in the noninfested area of this state or in a noninfested area of any other state and have not been exposed to infestation at any time;

(b)           have been treated to destroy infestation in accordance with approved procedure;

(c)           have been grown, manufactured, stored or handled in such a manner that in the judgment of the inspector no infestation will be transmitted thereby; or

(d)           when they have been examined by the inspector and found to be free of infestation.

(5)           Permits may be issued by an inspector to allow the movement of noncertified regulated articles for specified handling, utilization, processing, or treatment in accordance with approved procedures, provided the inspector has determined that such movement will not result in the spread of the boll weevil.

(6)           Any certificate or permit which has been issued or authorized may be withdrawn by the inspector if he determines that the holder thereof has not complied with any conditions for the use of such documents or with any conditions contained in a compliance agreement.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑65.77; 106‑65.91;

Eff. January 1, 1985;

Amended Eff. December 1, 1989.