For the purposes of this Section and these Regulations, the following words, phrases and terms shall apply:

(1)           Pest and/or Sweet Potato Weevil. The insect known as the sweet potato weevil (Cylas formicarius, elegantulus) in any stage of development‑‑egg, larva, pupa or adult;

(2)           Department. The North Carolina Department of Agriculture;

(3)           State Entomologist. The Plant Pest Administrator of the Plant Industry Division, North Carolina Department of Agriculture;

(4)           Commissioner. The Commissioner of Agriculture for North Carolina;

(5)           Agent or Inspector. An authorized representative of the Commissioner;

(6)           Regulated Article. Sweet potatoes, dehydrated sweet potatoes, sweet potato roots, plants, vines or parts thereof; vines or roots of any other plants belonging to the genus Ipomoea; and such other plants as may be found to be hosts of the sweet potato weevil, and used containers;

(7)           Container. A crate, box, basket, sack or any other kind of container used in handling or moving sweet potatoes, dehydrated sweet potatoes, or sweet potato vines, or roots;

(8)           Person. An individual, firm or corporation;

(9)           Quarantined or Regulated Area. Any portion of the State of North Carolina or of any other state in which the sweet potato weevil is found, or has been placed under quarantine on account of same;

(10)         Property. Any structure or parcel of land on which planting of sweet potatoes or other restricted material is growing or has been grown, stored, or processed;

(11)         Infestation or Infested Property. A property on which host material has been found infested with the sweet potato weevil, or a property onto which regulated material has been moved for any purpose from an infested property, and regulated or host material which has been exposed to, has come in physical contact with, or been stored where the weevil has been found. Such properties shall be considered infested until the Plant Pest Administrator is of the opinion that the sweet potato weevil no longer exists on said property;

(12)         Nonquarantined Area. That portion of the State of North Carolina outside a quarantined area;

(13)         Processors. Persons who operate sweet potato canning and/or dehydrating plants;

(14)         Storehouse or Warehouse. A building where sweet potatoes are assembled and stored;

(15)         Dealer. An individual, firm or corporation commercially engaged in the handling, sale, offering for sale and/or movement of sweet potatoes.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑65.45; 106‑65.46; 106‑284.18; 106‑420;

Eff. January 1, 1985;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. March 24, 2019.