(a)  Vegetable plants shall be deemed to be appropriately tagged or labeled as certified vegetable plants for transplanting when the tag or label bears a current, valid certificate of inspection:

(1)           certifying that the vegetable plants conform to standards promulgated by the Board of Agriculture in regard to freedom from plant pests;

(2)           indicating the grower by name or by grower identification number;

(3)           firmly attached to each crate, bag, box or other container of vegetable plants;

(4)           plainly visible from an outside inspection (i.e., is not stuffed in among the plants);

(5)           which the only certificate on the container with the possible exception of the variety statement.

(b)  Tags or labels bearing a certificate of inspection shall not be removed from the crate, bag, box or other container nor shall the crate, bag, box or other container be broken and the plants repacked in other containers except under compliance agreement with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, Plant Industry Division.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑65.45; 106‑65.46; 106‑284.18; 106‑420;

Eff. January 1, 1985.