02 NCAC 48B .0131          MANIPULATED MANURES

(a)  Manipulated manures may contain whatever organic bedding or other materials needed to follow good dairy barn, feedlot, poultry house, etc., practice in order to maintain proper sanitary conditions, to conserve plant food elements in the excreta, and to absorb the liquid portion without the addition of other material.

(b)  If other ingredients are added, they shall be specified on the principal label of the container.  If the added ingredient exceeds the amount of manure, it shall be the first ingredient listed on the principal label and the words "manure," "cow manure," "sheep manure," etc., shall be in type smaller than that used for such added ingredient.  When the packaging of a product features the picture or name of an animal, manure of that species of animal shall comprise more than 50 percent by weight of the material in the container.  Manures containing more than 30 percent by weight acid insoluble ash (sand) shall be labeled "sheep manure and sand," or "dried sheep manure, sand and other inert materials," etc.  Manures containing more than 50 percent by weight acid insoluble ash shall be labeled "sand and sheep manure," or "sand, other inert matter, and sheep manure," etc.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑660(a); 106‑673;

Eff. January 1, 1992.