Subchapter 48F of Title 2 of the North Carolina Administration Code (2 NCAC 48F) was transferred and recodified from Subchapter 10G of Title 2 of the North Carolina Administrative Code (2 NCAC 10G), effective October 3, 1990.







02 NCAC 48F .0102          DEFINITIONS

02 NCAC 48F .0103          BOARD ORGANIZATION





History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑202.1 through 106‑202.8;

Eff. July 1, 1980;

Repealed Eff. May 1, 1984.







History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑202.1 through 106‑202.8;

Eff. July 1, 1980;

Repealed Eff. May 1, 1984.




02 NCAC 48F .0301          Protected PLANT SPECIES LIST

The North Carolina Plant Conservation Board hereby establishes the following list of protected plant species (** indicates federally listed):

Species                                                                   Status

(1)           Acmispon helleri                                                  Threatened

Carolina Prairie-trefoil;

(2)           Acrobolbus ciliatus                                             Special Concern, Vulnerable

A liverwort;

(3)           Adiantum capillus-veneris                                 Threatened

Venus Hair Fern;

(4)           Adlumia fungosa                                                 Special Concern, Vulnerable

Climbing Fumitory;

(5)           Aeschynomene virginica**                               Threatened

Sensitive Jointvetch;

(6)           Agalinis virgata                                                   Threatened

Branched Gerardia;

(7)           Agrostis mertensii                                               Endangered

Arctic Bentgrass;

(8)           Aletris lutea                                                          Threatened

Yellow Colic-root;

(9)           Allium allegheniense                                          Special Concern, Vulnerable

Allegheny Onion;

(10)         Allium keeverae                                                  Special Concern, Vulnerable

Keever's Onion;

(11)         Alnus crispa                                                          Special Concern, Vulnerable

Green Alder;

(12)         Amaranthus pumilus**                                      Threatened

Seabeach Amaranth;

(13)         Amorpha confusa                                                Threatened

Savanna Indigo-bush;

(14)         Amorpha georgiana                                            Endangered

Georgia Indigo-bush;

(15)         Amphicarpum muhlenbergianum                    Endangered

Florida Goober Grass, Blue Maidencane;

(16)         Anemone berlandieri                                           Endangered

Southern Anemone;

(17)         Anemone caroliniana                                         Endangered

Prairie Anemone;

(18)         Arabis adpressipilis                                             Endangered

Hairy Rockcress;

(19)         Arethusa bulbosa                                                Endangered

Bog Rose;

(20)         Aristida condensata                                            Threatened

Big Three-awn Grass;

(21)         Aristida simpliciflora                                          Endangered

Chapman's Three-awn;

(22)         Arnoglossum ovatum var. lanceolatum          Endangered

Savanna Indian-plantain;

(23)         Asclepias cinerea                                                 Special Concern, Historical

Carolina Milkweed;

(24)         Asclepias pedicellata                                          Special Concern, Vulnerable

Savanna Milkweed;

(25)         Asplenium heteroresiliens                                  Endangered

Carolina Spleenwort;

(26)         Asplenium monanthes                                       Endangered

Single-sorus Spleenwort;

(27)         Asplenium ruta-muraria var. cryptolepis        Special Concern, Vulnerable

American Wall-rue;

(28)         Astragalus michauxii                                          Special Concern, Vulnerable

Sandhills Milkvetch;

(29)         Baccharis glomeruliflora                                    Endangered


(30)         Bacopa caroliniana                                             Threatened

Blue Water-hyssop;

(31)         Bacopa innominata                                             Special Concern, Historical

Tropical Water-hyssop;

(32)         Balduina atropurpurea                                       Endangered

Purple-disk Honeycomb-head;

(33)         Baptista aberrans                                                Endangered

Eastern Prairie Blue Wild Indigo

(34)         Baptisia alba                                                        Threatened

Thick-pod White Wild Indigo;

(35)         Baptisia bracteata                                                Special Concern, Historical

Creamy Wild Indigo;

(36)         Berberis canadensis                                            Special Concern, Vulnerable

American Barberry;

(37)         Betula cordifolia                                                  Special Concern, Vulnerable

Mountain Paper Birch;

(38)         Bouteloua curtipendula var. curtipendula       Threatened

Sideoats Grama;

(39)         Bromus ciliatus                                                    Special Concern, Vulnerable

Fringed Brome;

(40)         Buchnera americana                                           Endangered

American Bluehearts;

(41)         Buckleya distichophylla                                     Threatened


(42)         Bulbostylis warei                                                 Special Concern, Historical

Ware's Hair Sedge;

(43)         Calamagrostis cainii                                            Endangered

Cain's Reedgrass;

(44)         Calamagrostis canadensis var. canadensis     Special Concern, Vulnerable

Canada Reedgrass;

(45)         Calopogon multiflorus                                        Endangered

Many-flowered Grass-pink;

(46)         Caltha palustris var. palustris                            Endangered

Marsh Marigold;

(47)         Camassia scilloides                                             Threatened

Wild Hyacinth;

(48)         Campanula rotundifolia                                     Endangered


(49)         Campylium stellatum                                         Special Concern, Vulnerable

Yellow Starry Fen Moss;

(50)         Cardamine dissecta                                             Special Concern, Vulnerable

Dissected Toothwort;

(51)         Cardamine longii                                                 Special Concern, Vulnerable

Long's Bittercress;

(52)         Cardamine micranthera**                                 Endangered

Small-anthered Bittercress;

(53)         Carex arctata                                                       Special Concern, Vulnerable

Black Sedge;

(54)         Carex argyrantha                                                Endangered

Hay Sedge;

(55)         Carex barrattii                                                      Special Concern, Historical

Barratt's Sedge;

(56)         Carex basiantha                                                  Endangered

Widow Sedge;

(57)         Carex buxbaumii                                                 Special Concern, Vulnerable

Brown Bog Sedge;

(58)         Carex calcifugens                                                                Special Concern, Vulnerable

Calcium-fleeing Sedge;

(59)         Carex careyana                                                   Threatened

Carey's Sedge;

(60)         Carex cherokeensis                                             Threatened

Cherokee Sedge;

(61)         Carex conoidea                                                    Threatened

Cone-shaped Sedge, Field Sedge;

(62)         Carex cristatella                                                   Special Concern, Vulnerable

Crested Sedge;

(63)         Carex eburnea                                                      Threatened

Bristle-leaf Sedge;

(64)         Carex exilis                                                           Endangered

Coastal Sedge;

(65)         Carex hormathodes                                            Threatened

Marsh Straw Sedge;

(66)         Carex impressinervia                                          Special Concern, Vulnerable

Ravine Sedge;

(67)         Carex jamesii                                                       Special Concern, Vulnerable

James's Sedge;

(68)         Carex lasiocarpa var. americana                      Special Concern, Vulnerable

Slender Sedge;

(69)         Carex lutea**                                                       Endangered

Golden Sedge;

(70)         Carex meadii                                                        Endangered

Mead's Sedge;

(71)         Carex oligocarpa                                                 Threatened

Rich-woods Sedge;

(72)         Carex oligosperma                                              Endangered

Few-seeded Sedge;

(73)         Carex pedunculata var. pedunculata                 Special Concern, Vulnerable

Longstalk Sedge;

(74)         Carex radfordii                                                     Threatened

Radford's Sedge;

(75)         Carex reniformis                                                  Threatened

Kidney Sedge;

(76)         Carex superata                                                     Threatened

Limestone Forest Sedge;

(77)         Carex tenax                                                          Endangered

Wire Sedge;

(78)         Carex trichocarpa                                                Special Concern, Vulnerable

Hairy-fruited Sedge;

(79)         Carex trisperma                                                   Endangered

Three-seeded Sedge;

(80)         Carex utriculata                                                   Endangered

Beaked Sedge;

(81)         Carex vesicaria                                                    Endangered

Inflated Sedge;    

(82)         Carex vestita                                                        Threatened

Velvet Sedge;

(83)         Carya laciniosa                                                    Threatened

Big Shellbark Hickory;

(84)         Carya myristiciformis                                         Endangered

Nutmeg Hickory;

(85)         Caulophyllum giganteum                                  Special Concern, Vulnerable

Northern Blue Cohosh;

(86)         Celastrus scandens                                              Endangered

American Bittersweet;

(87)         Cetraria arenaria                                                  Special Concern, Vulnerable

Sand-loving Iceland Lichen;

(88)         Chamerion angustifolium ssp.                          Endangered

circumvagum Fireweed;

(89)         Chasmanthium nitidum                                     Threatened

Shiny Spanglegrass;

(90)         Chelone cuthbertii                                               Special Concern, Vulnerable

Cuthbert's Turtlehead;

(91)         Chenopodiastrum simplex                                 Threatened

Mapleleaf Goosefoot;

(92)         Chiloscyphus appalachianus                             Special Concern, Vulnerable

A liverwort;

(93)         Chiloscyphus muricatus                                     Special Concern, Vulnerable

A liverwort;

(94)         Chrysoma pauciflosculosa                                Endangered

Woody Goldenrod;

(95)         Cirsium carolinianum                                         Endangered

Carolina Thistle;

(96)         Cirsium lecontei                                                   Special Concern, Vulnerable

LeConte's Thistle;

(97)         Clematis occidentalis var. occidentalis           Special Concern, Vulnerable

Mountain Clematis;

(98)         Clinopodium georgianum                                  Endangered

Georgia Calamint;

(99)         Collinsonia verticillata                                       Threatened

Whorled Horsebalm;

(100)      Conioselinum chinense                                      Threatened


(101)      Coptis trifolia                                                       Threatened


(102)      Coreopsis aristulata                                            Threatened

Short-awned Coreopsis;

(103)      Corydalis micrantha                                           Threatened

Slender Corydalis;

(104)      Coryphopteris simulata                                      Endangered

Bog Fern;

(105)      Crataegus pallens                                                Threatened

Pale Hawthorn;

(106)      Crinum americanum var. americanum           Special Concern, Historical


(107)      Crocanthemum bicknellii                                   Special Concern, Vulnerable

Plains Sunrose;

(108)      Crocanthemum carolinianum                           Endangered

Carolina Sunrose;

(109)      Crocanthemum corymbosum                           Threatened

Pinebarren Sunrose;

(110)      Crocanthemum georgianum                             Endangered

Georgia Sunrose;

(111)      Crocanthemum nashii                                        Endangered

Florida Scrub Sunrose, Florida Scrub


(112)      Crocanthemum propinquum                             Threatened

Creeping Sunrose;

(113)      Crocanthemum rosmarinifolium                      Threatened

Rosemary Sunrose;

(114)      Croton monanthogynus                                     Endangered

Prairie-tea Croton;

(115)      Cyperus dentatus                                                Special Concern, Historical

Toothed Flatsedge;

(116)      Cyperus granitophilus                                         Threatened

Granite Flatsedge;

(117)      Cyperus lecontei                                                  Threatened

LeConte's Flatsedge;

(118)      Cyperus subsquarrosus                                      Special Concern, Historical

Small-flowered Halfchaff;

(119)      Cyperus tetragonus                                             Special Concern, Vulnerable

Four-angled Flatsedge;

(120)      Cyperus virens                                                     Special Concern, Vulnerable

Greens Flatsedge;

(121)      Cystopteris tennesseensis                                   Endangered

Tennessee Bladder-fern;

(122)      Dactylorhiza viridis                                             Threatened

Long-bracted Frog Orchid;

(123)      Dalibarda repens                                                  Endangered

Robin Runaway;

(124)      Delphinium exaltatum                                       Threatened

Tall Larkspur;

(125)      Deschampsia cespitosa ssp. glauca                  Threatened

Tufted Hairgrass;

(126)      Desmodium ochroleucum                                 Special Concern, Historical

White Tick-trefoil, Creamy Tick-trefoil;

(127)      Desmodium sessilifolium                                   Special Concern, Historical

Sessile Tick-trefoil;

(128)      Diarrhena americana                                          Threatened

Eastern Beakgrain;

(129)      Dichanthelium annulum                                    Endangered

Ringed Witchgrass;

(130)      Dichanthelium caerulescens                              Threatened

Blue Witchgrass;

(131)      Dichanthelium hirstii                                           Endangered

Hirst Brothers' Witchgrass;

(132)      Dichanthelium spretum                                      Endangered

Eaton's Witchgrass;

(133)      Dichanthelium strigosum var. glabrescens     Threatened

Hairless Witchgrass;

(134)      Diervilla rivularis                                                 Threatened

Riverbank Bush-honeysuckle;

(135)      Dionaea muscipula                                             Threatened

Venus Flytrap;

(136)      Diplachne maritima                                            Endangered

Salt-meadow Grass;

(137)      Drosera filiformis var. filifformis                     Special Concern, Vulnerable

Threadleaf Sundew;

(138)      Echinacea laevigata**                                       Endangered

Smooth Coneflower;

(139)      Eleocharis cellulosa                                            Threatened

Gulfcoast Spikerush;

(140)      Eleocharis elongata                                            Endangered

Florida Spikerush;

(141)      Eleocharis parvula                                              Threatened

Dwarf Spikerush;

(142)      Eleocharis robbinsii                                             Special Concern, Vulnerable

Robbins' Spikerush;

(143)      Eleocharis vivipara                                             Threatened

Viviparous Spikerush;

(144)      Elymus trachycaulus ssp. trachycaulus          Threatened

Slender Wheatgrass;

(145)      Enemion biternatum                                           Special Concern, Vulnerable

Eastern Isopyrun;

(146)      Epidendrum conopseum                                    Threatened

Green-fly Orchid;

(147)      Erigenia bulbosa                                                 Threatened


(148)      Eriocaulon aquaticum                                        Special Concern, Vulnerable

Seven-angled Pipewort;

(149)      Eriocaulon parkeri                                               Threatened

Estuary Pipewort;

(150)      Eriocaulon texense                                              Endangered

Texas Hatpins;

(151)      Eriogonum tomentosum                                    Special Concern, Historical

Southern Wild-buckwheat

(152)      Erythrina herbacea                                             Endangered


(153)      Eupatorium leptophyllum                                  Endangered

Limesink Dog-fennel;

(154)      Eupatorium paludicola                                       Endangered

Bay Boneset;

(155)      Euphorbia commutata                                        Threatened

Cliff Spurge;

(156)      Euphorbia cordifolia                                           Threatened

Heartleaf Sandmat;

(157)      Euphorbia mercurialina                                      Special Concern, Vulnerable

Cumberland Spurge;

(158)      Filipendula rubra                                                 Endangered


(159)      Fimbristylis perpusilla                                        Threatened

Harper's Fimbry;

(160)      Gaillardia aestivalis var. aestivalis                   Endangered

Sandhills Blanket-flower;

(161)      Galactia mollis                                                     Threatened

Soft Milk-pea;

(162)      Gaylussacia brachycera                                     Endangered

Box Huckleberry;

(163)      Gaylussacia nana                                                Endangered

Dwarf Dangleberry;

(164)      Gaylussacia orocola                                            Endangered

Appalachian Dwarf Huckleberry;

(165)      Gelsemium rankinii                                             Special Concern, Vulnerable

Swamp Jessamine;

(166)      Gentiana alba                                                       Special Concern, Historical

Pale Gentian;

(167)      Gentiana latidens                                                 Threatened

Balsalm Mountain Gentian;

(168)      Gentianopsis crinita                                            Endangered

Eastern Fringed Gentian;

(169)      Geum aleppicum                                                 Endangered

Yellow Avens;

(170)      Geum geniculatum                                              Special Concern, Vulnerable

Bent Avens;

(171)      Geum laciniatum                                                 Endangered

Rough Avens;

(172)      Geum radiatum**                                               Endangered

Spreading Avens;

(173)      Gillenia stipulata                                                 Threatened

Indian Physic;

(174)      Glyceria laxa                                                        Special Concern, Vulnerable

Lax Mannagrass;

(175)      Gratiola lutea                                                       Special Concern, Vulnerable

Golden Hedge-hyssop;

(176)      Gymnocarpium appalachianum                       Threatened

Appalachian Oak Fern;

(177)      Gymnoderma lineare**                                     Endangered

Rock Gnome Lichen;

(178)      Harperella nodosa [Ptilimnium nodosum]** Endangered


(179)      Helanthium tenellum                                          Endangered

Dwarf Burhead;

(180)      Helenium brevifolium                                        Endangered

Littleleaf Sneezeweed;

(181)      Helenium vernale                                                Endangered

Spring Sneezeweed;

(182)      Helianthus floridanus                                         Threatened

Florida Sunflower;

(183)      Helianthus laevigatus                                         Special Concern, Vulnerable

Smooth Sunflower;

(184)      Helianthus occidenatlis ssp. occidentalis        Special Concern, Historical

Naked-stem Sunflower;

(185)      Helianthus schweinitzii**                                  Endangered

Schweinitz's Sunflower;

(186)      Helonias bullata**                                              Threatened

Swamp Pink;

(187)      Hexastylis contracta                                           Endangered

Mountain Heartleaf;

(188)      Hexastylis naniflora**                                       Threatened

Dwarf-flowered Heartleaf;

(189)      Hibiscus aculeatus                                              Threatened


(190)      Hottonia inflata                                                   Special Concern, Vulnerable


(191)      Houstonia montana**                                        Endangered

Roan Mountain Bluet;

(192)      Hudsonia montana**                                         Threatened

Mountain Golden-heather;

(193)      Hudsonia tomentosa                                           Threatened

Sand Heather;

(194)      Hydrastis canadensis                                          Special Concern, Vulnerable


(195)      Hymenocallis occidentalis var. occidentalis   Special Concern, Historical

Hillside Spider-lily;

(196)      Hymenocallis pygmaea                                     Special Concern, Vulnerable

Waccamaw River Spiderlily;

(197)      Hypericum adpressum                                       Special Concern, Historical

Bog St. John's-wort;

(198)      Hypericum brachyphyllum                               Special Concern, Vulnerable

Coastal Plain St. John's-wort;

(199)      Hypericum fasciculatum                                   Endangered

Peelbark St. John's-wort;

(200)      Hypericum radfordiorum                                   Special Concern, Vulnerable

Radford's St. John's-wort;

(201)      Hypericum suffruticosum                                  Special Concern, Historical

Pineland St. John's-wort;

(202)      Hypotrachyna virginica                                      Special Concern, Vulnerable

Virginia Loop Lichen;

(203)      Ilex collina                                                            Special Concern, Vulnerable

Long-stalked Holly;

(204)      Ipomoea imperati                                                Special Concern, Vulnerable

Beach Morning-glory;

(205)      Ipomoea macrorhiza                                          Special Concern, Historical


(206)      Isoetes microvela                                                 Threatened

Thin-wall Quillwort;

(207)      Isoetes piedmontana                                           Threatened

Piedmont Quillwort;

(208)      Isotria medeoloides**                                        Threatened

Small Whorled Pogonia;

(209)      Iva microcephala                                                Threatened

Small-headed Marsh Elder;

(210)      Jeffersonia diphylla                                             Threatened


(211)      Juncus articulatus                                                Special Concern, Historical

Jointleafed Rush;

(212)      Juncus caesariensis                                             Endangered

New Jersey Rush;

(213)      Juniperus communis var. depressa                   Threatened

Dwarf Juniper;

(214)      Kalmia angustifolia                                            Threatened


(215)      Koeleria spicata                                                   Special Concern, Historical

Spike Trisetum;

(216)      Lachnocaulon minus                                          Threatened

Brown Bogbutton;

(217)      Lechea maritima var. virginica                          Threatened

Maritime Pinweed;

(218)      Lechea torreyi var. congesta                             Endangered

Torrey's Pinweed;

(219)      Lejeunea blomquistii                                          Special Concern, Vulnerable

A liverwort;

(220)      Liatris aspera                                                       Special Concern, Vulnerable

Rough Blazing-star;

(221)      Liatris helleri**                                                    Threatened

Heller's Blazing-star;

(222)      Liatris microcephala                                           Special Concern, Vulnerable

Small-head Blazing-star;

(223)      Lilium canadense                                                Endangered

Canada Lily;

(224)      Lilium grayi                                                          Threatened

Gray's Lily;

(225)      Lilium philadelphicum var. philadelphicum  Endangered

Wood Lily;

(226)      Lilium pyrophilum                                              Endangered

Sandhills Lily;

(227)      Limosella australis                                              Threatened

Awl-leaf, Mudwort;

(228)      Lindera melissifolia**                                        Endangered


(229)      Lindera subcoriacea                                           Special Concern, Vulnerable

Bog Spicebush;

(230)      Linum floridanum var. chrysocarpum            Threatened

Yellow-fruited Flax;

(231)      Linum sulcatum                                                  Special Concern, Historical

Glade Flax;

(232)      Liparis loeselii                                                      Endangered

Fen Orchid;

(233)      Lithospermum canescens                                  Threatened

Hoary Puccoon;

(234)      Litsea aestivalis                                                   Special Concern, Vulnerable


(235)      Lobelia boykinii                                                   Endangered

Boykin's Lobelia;

(236)      Lophiola aurea                                                    Endangered


(237)      Ludwigia lanceolata                                           Endangered

Lanceleaf Seedbox;

(238)      Ludwigia linifolia                                                Threatened

Flaxleaf Seedbox;

(239)      Ludwigia ravenii                                                  Endangered

Raven's Seedbox;

(240)      Ludwigia sphaerocarpa                                     Endangered

Globe-fruit Seedbox;

(241)      Ludwigia suffruticosa                                        Threatened

Shrubby Seedbox;

(242)      Lupinus villosus                                                   Endangered

Pink Sandhill Lupine;

(243)      Lycopodiella inundata                                       Endangered

Northern Bog Clubmoss;

(244)      Lysimachia asperulifolia**                               Endangered

Rough-leaf Loosestrife;

(245)      Lysimachia borealis                                            Threatened

Northern Starflower;

(246)      Lysimachia fraseri                                               Endangered

Fraser's Loosestrife;

(247)      Macbridea caroliniana                                       Endangered

Carolina Birds-in-a-Nest, Carolina


(248)      Magnolia macrophylla                                       Special Concern, Vulnerable

Bigleaf Magnolia;

(249)      Malaxis spicata                                                    Special Concern, Vulnerable

Florida Adder's-mouth;

(250)      Marshallia grandiflora                                        Special Concern, Historical

Large-flowered Barbara's-buttons;

(251)      Marshallia legrandii                                            Endangered

Oak Barrens Barbara's-buttons;

(252)      Marshallia trinervia                                             Special Concern, Historical

Broadleaf Barbara's-buttons;

(253)      Melanthium woodii                                             Threatened

Ozark Bunchflower;

(254)      Melica nitens                                                        Endangered

Three-flowered Melic;

(255)      Menyanthes trifoliata                                         Threatened


(256)      Micranthes pensylvanica                                   Endangered

Swamp Saxifrage;

(257)      Mnesithea cylindrica                                           Special Concern, Historical

Carolina Jointgrass;

(258)      Mononeuria groenlandica                                  Threatened

Greenland Sandwort;

(259)      Mononeuria paludicola                                      Endangered

Godfrey's Sandwort;

(260)      Mononeuria uniflora                                           Endangered

Single-flowered Sandwort;

(261)      Moranopteris nimbata                                        Threatened

West Indian Dwarf Polypody;

(262)      Muhlenbergia glomerata                                    Special Concern, Vulnerable

Spiked Muhly;

(263)      Muhlenbergia sobolifera                                    Threatened

Rock Muhly;

(264)      Muhlenbergia torreyana                                    Special Concern, Vulnerable

Pinebarren Smokegrass;

(265)      Myrica gale                                                           Endangered

Sweet Gale;

(266)      Myriophyllum laxum                                         Endangered

Loose Water-milfoil;

(267)      Myriophyllum tenellum                                     Endangered

Leafless Water-milfoil;

(268)      Nabalus albus                                                       Special Concern, Vulnerable

White Rattlesnakeroot;

(269)      Narthecium montanum                                      Special Concern, Historical

Appalachian Yellow Asphodel;

(270)      Oenothera perennis                                             Special Concern, Vulnerable

Perennial Sundrops;

(271)      Oldenlandia boscii                                               Threatened

Bosc's Bluet;

(272)      Oligoneuron album                                             Endangered

Prairie Goldenrod;

(273)      Oligoneuron jacksonii                                        Special Concern, Vulnerable

Southeastern Bold Goldenrod;

(274)      Oligoneuron rigidum                                           Threatened

Midwestern Bold Goldenrod;

(275)      Orbexilum macrophyllum                                 Special Concern, Historical

Bigleaf Scurfpea;

(276)      Orbexilum onobrychis                                        Special Concern, Historical

Lanceleaf Scurfpea;

(277)      Orbexilum pedunculatum                                 Endangered

Western Sampson's Snakeroot;

(278)      Oreojuncus trifidus                                              Threatened

Highland Rush;

(279)      Orthochilus ecristatus                                         Endangered

Spiked Medusa;

(280)      Pachysandra procumbens                                  Endangered

Allegheny Spurge;

(281)      Packera crawfordii                                              Endangered

Crawford's Ragwort;

(282)      Packera millefolium                                            Special Concern, Vulnerable

Blue Ridge Ragwort;

(283)      Packera paupercula var. appalachiana            Threatened

Appalachian Ragwort;

(284)      Packera paupercula var. paupercula                Special Concern, Vulnerable

Balsam Ragwort;

(285)      Packera schweinitziana                                      Threatened

New England Ragwort;

(286)      Packera serpenticola                                           Threatened

Buck Creek Ragwort;

(287)      Palustricodon aparinoides var. aparinoides    Threatened

Marsh Bellflower;

(288)      Panicum flexile                                                    Threatened

Wiry Panic Grass;

(289)      Parnassia caroliniana                                          Threatened

Carolina Grass-of-parnassus;

(290)      Parnassia grandifolia                                          Threatened

Bigleaf Grass-of-parnassus;

(291)      Paronychia herniarioides                                    Endangered

Michaux's Whitlow-wort;

(292)      Paspalum dissectum                                           Endangered

Mudbank Crown Grass;

(293)      Pedicularis lanceolata                                        Threatened

Swamp Lousewort;

(294)      Pellaea wrightiana                                               Endangered

Wright's Cliff-brake;

(295)      Persicaria hirsuta                                                 Endangered

Hairy Smartweed;

(296)      Phacelia maculata                                               Endangered

Flatrock Phacelia;

(297)      Phegopteris connectilis                                       Endangered

Northern Beech Fern;

(298)      Phemeranthus piedmontanus                            Endangered

Piedmont Rock-pink;

(299)      Pinguicula lutea                                                   Special Concern, Vulnerable

Yellow Butterwort;

(300)      Pinguicula pumila                                               Threatened

Small Butterwort;

(301)      Pityopsis graminifolia                                         Endangered

A Silkgrass;

(302)      Plantago cordata                                                 Endangered

Heart-leaf Plantain;

(303)      Plantago sparsiflora                                            Threatened

Pineland Plantain;

(304)      Platanthera herbiola                                            Special Concern, Vulnerable

Tubercled Rein Orchid;

(305)      Platanthera integra                                              Threatened

Yellow Fringeless Orchid;

(306)      Platanthera integrilabia**                                  Threatened

White Fringeless Orchid;

(307)      Platanthera nivea                                                Endangered

Snowy Orchid;

(308)      Platanthera peramoena                                      Threatened

Purple Fringeless Orchid;

(309)      Platanthera shriveri                                             Endangered

Shriver's Purple Fringed Orchid;

(310)      Poa saltuensis                                                       Threatened

Old-pasture Bluegrass;

(311)      Polemonium reptans var. reptans                     Threatened

Spreading Jacob's Ladder;

(312)      Polygala hookeri                                                  Special Concern, Vulnerable

Hooker's Milkwort;

(313)      Polygala senega                                                   Special Concern, Vulnerable

Seneca Snakeroot;

(314)      Polygonella articulata                                        Special Concern, Historical

Northern Wireweed, Coast Jointweed;

(315)      Polygonum glaucum                                           Endangered

Seabeach Knotweed;

(316)      Ponthieva racemosa                                           Threatened


(317)      Portulaca smallii                                                  Threatened

Small's Portulaca;

(318)      Potamogeton illinoensis                                      Endangered

Illinois Pondweed;

(319)      Primula meadia                                                   Special Concern, Vulnerable

Eastern Shooting-star;

(320)      Pseudognaphalium helleri                                  Endangered

Heller's Rabbit-tobacco;

(321)      Ptilimnium costatum                                          Threatened

Big Bishop-weed;

(322)      Pyrola elliptica                                                     Threatened

Elliptic Shinleaf;

(323)      Pyxidanthera brevifolia                                      Threatened

Sandhills Pyxie-moss;

(324)      Quercus elliottii                                                    Endangered

Running Oak;

(325)      Quercus ilicifolia                                                  Endangered

Bear Oak

(326)      Quercus minima                                                  Endangered

Dwarf Live Oak;

(327)      Quercus prinoides                                                Endangered

Dwarf Chinquapin Oak;

(328)      Ranunculus ambigens                                        Special Concern, Historical

Water-plantain Spearwort;

(329)      Ranunculus hederaceus                                     Threatened

Ivy-leaved Water Crowfoot;

(330)      Rhexia aristosa                                                    Special Concern, Vulnerable

Awned Meadow-beauty;

(331)      Rhodiola rosea                                                     Endangered


(332)      Rhododendron prinophyllum                            Threatened

Election Pink;

(333)      Rhus michauxii**                                               Endangered

Michaux's Sumac;

(334)      Rhynchospora crinipes                                       Threatened

Alabama Beaksedge;

(335)      Rhynchospora decurrens                                   Threatened

Swamp Forest Beaksedge;

(336)      Rhynchospora harperi                                        Special Concern, Vulnerable

Harper's Beaksedge:

(337)      Rhynchospora macra                                         Threatened

Southern White Beaksedge;

(338)      Rhynchospora microcarpa                                Threatened

Southern Beaksedge;

(339)      Rhynchospora odorata                                       Special Concern, Vulnerable

Fragrant Beaksedge;

(340)      Rhynchospora pleiantha                                    Threatened

Coastal Beaksedge;

(341)      Rhynchospora thornei                                        Special Concern, Vulnerable

Thorne's Beaksedge;

(342)      Rhynchospora tracyi                                          Threatened

Tracy's Beaksedge;

(343)      Rubus strigosus                                                    Threatened

American Red Raspberry;

(344)      Rudbeckia heliopsidis                                         Endangered

Sun-facing Coneflower;

(345)      Ruellia ciliosa                                                       Threatened

Sandhills Wild-petunia;

(346)      Ruellia humilis                                                     Threatened

Low Wild-petunia;

(347)      Ruellia purshiana                                                Special Concern, Vulnerable

Pursh's Wild-petunia;

(348)      Ruellia strepens                                                   Endangered

Limestone Wild-petunia;

(349)      Sabal palmetto                                                     Threatened

Cabbage Palmetto;

(350)      Sabatia kennedyana                                            Threatened

Plymouth Gentian;

(351)      Sageretia minutiflora                                          Threatened

Small-flowered Buckthorn;

(352)      Sagittaria chapmanii                                           Threatened

Chapman's Arrowhead;

(353)      Sagittaria fasciculata**                                     Endangered

Bunched Arrowhead;

(354)      Sagittaria isoetiformis                                         Threatened

Quillwort Arrowhead;

(355)      Sagittaria macrocarpa                                        Threatened

Streamhead Arrowhead;

(356)      Sagittaria weatherbiana                                     Endangered

Grassleaf Weatherby's Arrowhead;

(357)      Sarracenia jonesii**                                            Endangered

Mountain Sweet Pitcher Plant;

(358)      Sarracenia minor var. minor                              Endangered

Hooded Pitcher Plant;

(359)      Sarracenia oreophila**                                      Endangered

Green Pitcher Plant;

(360)      Sarracenia purpurea var. montana                   Endangered

Southern Appalachian Purple Pitcher Plant;

(361)      Sceptridium jenmanii                                         Special Concern, Vulnerable

Alabama Grape-fern;

(362)      Schisandra glabra                                                Threatened

Magnolia Vine;

(363)      Schwalbea americana**                                    Endangered


(364)      Scirpus flaccidifolius                                          Endangered

Reclining Bulrush;

(365)      Scirpus lineatus                                                    Threatened

Drooping Bulrush;

(366)      Scleria baldwinii                                                  Threatened

Baldwin's Nutrush;

(367)      Scleria bellii                                                          Endangered

Smooth-seeded Hairy Nutrush;

(368)      Scleria reticularis                                                 Special Concern, Vulnerable

Netted Nutrush;

(369)      Sclerolepis uniflora                                             Threatened


(370)      Scutellaria australis                                             Endangered

Southern Skullcap;

(371)      Scutellaria galericulata                                       Special Concern, Historical

Hooded Skullcap;

(372)      Scutellaria leonardii                                            Endangered

Shale-barren Skullcap;

(373)      Scutellaria nervosa                                             Endangered

Veined Skullcap;

(374)      Sedum pusillum                                                   Endangered

Puck's Orpine;

(375)      Senecio suaveolens                                             Endangered

Sweet Indian-plantain;

(376)      Sesuvium maritimum                                         Endangered

Slender Sea-purslane;

(377)      Sesuvium portulacastrum                                  Endangered

Shoreline Sea-purslane;

(378)      Seymeria pectinata ssp.pectinata                     Special Concern, Historical

Comb Seymeria;

(379)      Shortia brevistyla                                                Threatened

Northern Oconee Bells;

(380)      Shortia galacifolia                                               Special Concern, Vulnerable

Southern Oconee Bells;

(381)      Sideroxylon tenax                                               Threatened

Tough Bumelia;

(382)      Silene ovata                                                         Special Concern, Vulnerable

Mountain Catchfly;

(383)      Silphium connatum                                            Special Concern, Vulnerable

Virginia Cup-plant;

(384)      Silphium perfoliatum                                         Special Concern, Vulnerable

Common Cup-plant;

(385)      Sisyrinchium dichotomum**                           Endangered

White Irisette;

(386)      Solidago leavenworthii                                       Endangered

Leavenworth's Goldenrod;

(387)      Solidago plumosa                                                               Threatened

Yadkin River Goldenrod;

(388)      Solidago radula                                                   Endangered

Western Rough Goldenrod;

(389)      Solidago spithamaea**                                      Threatened

Blue Ridge Goldenrod;

(390)      Solidago tortifolia                                               Endangered

Leafy Pineywoods Godenrod;

(391)      Solidago verna                                                     Threatened

Spring-flowering Goldenrod;

(392)      Solidago villosicarpa                                          Threatened

Carolina Maritime Goldenrod:

(393)      Sparganium acaule                                             Endangered

Greenfruit Bur-reed;

(394)      Spartina pectinata                                                               Threatened

Freshwater Cordgrass;

(395)      Sphagnum contortum                                         Threatened

Contorted Peatmoss;

(396)      Sphagnum warnstorfii                                        Special Concern, Vulnerable

Fen Peatmoss;

(397)      Spigelia marilandica                                           Threatened


(398)      Spiraea corymbosa                                             Endangered

Rock Spiraea;

(399)      Spiraea virginiana**                                           Threatened

Virginia Spiraea;

(400)      Spiranthes lacera var. lacera                             Endangered

Northern Slender Ladies'-tresses;

(401)      Spiranthes laciniata                                            Special Concern, Vulnerable

Lace-lip Ladies'-tresses;

(402)      Spiranthes longilabris                                          Endangered

Giant Spiral Orchid;

(403)      Spiranthes lucida                                                 Endangered

Shining Ladies'-tresses;

(404)      Spiranthes ochroleuca                                        Threatened

Yellow Nodding Ladies'-tresses;

(405)      Sporobolus heterolepis                                       Threatened

Prairie Dropseed;

(406)      Sporobolus teretifolius                                        Endangered

Wireleaf Dropseed;

(407)      Sporobolus virginicus                                          Threatened

Seashore Dropseed;

(408)      Stachys appalachiana                                         Endangered

Appalachian Hedge-nettle;

(409)      Stachys eplingii                                                    Endangered

Epling's Hedge-nettle;

(410)      Stachys matthewsii                                             Endangered

Yadkin Hedge-nettle;

(411)      Stenanthium gramineum                                    Endangered


(412)      Stenanthium leimanthoides                               Threatened

Pinebarrens Death-camas;

(413)      Stylisma aquatica                                                Endangered

Water Dawnflower;

(414)      Stylisma pickeringii var. pickeringii                 Special Concern, Vulnerable

Pickering's Dawnflower;

(415)      Swida asperifolia                                                 Endangered

Roughleaf Dogwood;

(416)      Swida racemose                                                  Special Concern, Vulnerable

Gray Dogwood;

(417)      Symphyotrichum concinnum                           Endangered

Narrow-leaved Smooth Aster;

(418)      Symphyotrichum depauperatum                      Endangered

Serpentine Aster;

(419)      Symphyotrichum georgianum                          Threatened

Georgia Aster;

(420)      Symphyotrichum oblongifolium                      Threatened

Eastern Aromatic Aster;

(421)      Symphyotrichum rhiannon                                Threatened

Buck Creek Aster;

(422)      Synandra hispidula                                             Threatened


(423)      Taxus canadensis                                                Threatened

Canada Yew;

(424)      Thalictrum cooleyi**                                         Endangered

Cooley's Meadowrue;

(425)      Thalictrum macrostylum                                   Special Concern, Vulnerable

Small-leaved Meadowrue;

(426)      Thaspium pinnatifidum                                     Endangered

Mountain Thaspium;

(427)      Thermopsis fraxinifolia                                      Special Concern, Vulnerable

Ash-leaved Golden-banner;

(428)      Tiedmannia [Oxypolis] canbyi**                    Endangered

Canby's Dropwort;

(429)      Triantha glutinosa                                               Special Concern, Vulnerable

Sticky Bog Asphodel;

(430)      Trichostema brachiatum                                    Endangered

Glade Bluecurls;

(431)      Trichostema nesophilum                                    Special Concern, Vulnerable

Dune Bluecurls;

(432)      Tridens ambiguus                                                                Endangered

Pineland Triodia;

(433)      Tridens chapmanii                                              Special Concern, Vulnerable

Chapman's Triodia;

(434)      Tridens strictus                                                     Special Concern, Historical

Spike Triodia;

(435)      Trifolium carolinianum                                      Special Concern, Historical

Carolina Clover;

(436)      Trifolium reflexum                                             Threatened

Buffalo Clover;

(437)      Trillium discolor                                                  Threatened

Pale Yellow Trillium;

(438)      Trillium flexipes                                                  Threatened

Bent White Trillium;

(439)      Trillium pusillum var. ozarkanum                   Endangered

Alabama Least Trillium;

(440)      Trillium pusillum var. pusillum                        Endangered

Carolina Least Trillium;

(441)      Trillium pusillum var. virginianum                  Endangered

Virginia Least Trillium;

(442)      Trillium recurvatum                                           Threatened

Prairie Trillium;

(443)      Trillium sessile                                                     Threatened

Sessile-flowered Trillium;

(444)      Trillium simile                                                      Special Concern, Vulnerable

Sweet White Trillium;

(445)      Turritis glabra                                                      Endangered

Tower Mustard;

(446)      Urtica chamaedryoides                                      Threatened

Dwarf Stinging Nettle;

(447)      Utricularia cornuta                                              Threatened

Horned Bladderwort;

(448)      Utricularia geminiscapa                                     Special Concern, Vulnerable

Two-flowered Bladderwort;

(449)      Utricularia minor                                                 Special Concern, Historical

Small Bladderwort;

(450)      Utricularia olivacea                                            Threatened

Dwarf Bladderwort:

(451)      Utricularia resupinata                                         Endangered

Northeastern Bladderwort;

(452)      Vaccinium macrocarpon                                   Threatened


(453)      Vandenboschia boschiana                                 Endangered

Appalachian Filmy-fern;

(454)      Veronica americana                                           Threatened

American Speedwell;

(455)      Waldsteinia lobata                                              Endangered

Lobbed Barren-strawberry;

(456)      Warea cuneifolia                                                 Endangered

Carolina Pineland-cress;

(457)      Woodsia ilvensis                                                  Endangered

Rusty Cliff Fern;

(458)      Xyris floridana                                                    Special Concern, Vulnerable

Florida Yellow-eyed-grass;

(459)      Xyris scabrifolia                                                  Special Concern, Vulnerable

Roughleaf Yellow-eyed-grass;

(460)      Xyris serotina                                                       Special Concern, Historical

Acid-swamp Yellow-eyed-grass;

(461)      Xyris stricta                                                          Endangered

Pineland Yellow-eyed-grass;

(462)      Zephyranthes simpsonii                                     Endangered

Florida Atamasco-lily.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑202.15;

Eff. July 1, 1980;

Amended Eff. December 1, 2010; August 1, 2006; March 1, 2004; July 1, 1998; April 1, 1993; December 1, 1992; September 1, 1991; August 1, 1990;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. March 26, 2017;

Amended Eff. May 1, 2021.




History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑202.15;

Eff. July 1, 1980;

Amended Eff. August 1, 2006; March 1, 2004; July 1, 1998; April 1, 1993; December 1, 1992; September 1, 1991; August 1, 1990;

Repealed Eff. December 1, 2010.




History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑202.12 through 106‑202.19;

Eff. July 1, 1980;

Repealed Eff. June 30, 1981.




History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑202.15;

Eff. June 30, 1981;

Amended Eff. March 1, 2004; July 1, 1998; June 1, 1991; August 1, 1990; May 1, 1984;

Repealed Eff. December. 1, 2010.



(a)  Definitions:

(1)           Department. The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services;

(2)           Ginseng. Any plant of the species Panax quinquefolius including cuttings, roots, fruits, seeds, propagules or any other plant part;

(3)           Ginseng Dealer. Any person who purchases or otherwise obtains ginseng roots which have been collected or cultivated in North Carolina in any quantity for commercial use. This definition does not include those persons who directly collect or cultivate ginseng roots, or who obtain ginseng roots for their own personal use;

(4)           Export Certificate. A document issued to allow the export or shipment of ginseng out of the state by certifying that the ginseng covered by the document was legally collected or grown in North Carolina;

(5)           Five Year Old Wild Ginseng Plant. Any wild ginseng plant having at least three prongs (five-leaflet leaves) or, in the absence of leaves, having at least four discernible bud scars plus a bud on the neck (rhizome);

(6)           Inspector. An employee of the Department or any other person authorized by the Commissioner to enforce the Plant Protection and Conservation Act and the rules adopted thereunder;

(7)           Person. Individual, corporation, partnership, firm, or association;

(8)           Record of Ginseng Purchases. A document completed by a ginseng dealer on a form provided by the Department to record ginseng purchases;

(9)           Record of Harvest Season Collection. A document completed and signed by a collector of wild ginseng and by an Inspector, certifying that the ginseng covered by the document was legally collected during the harvest season; and

(10)         Statement Indicating Legal Collection of Ginseng from One's Own Land. A document completed and signed by a person verifying that the wild collected ginseng being sold was collected from that person's own land.

(b)  Purpose. The purpose of this Rule is to regulate trade in ginseng in North Carolina, to obtain federal approval for the export of ginseng from the state, to support the ginseng trade within the state, and to protect the species from over-collection and extinction.

(c)  Collection of Ginseng:

(1)           Harvest Season for the Collection of Ginseng. The ginseng harvest season shall be from September 1 through December 31;

(2)           Size of Collected Plants. Collection of any wild ginseng plant not meeting the definition of a five year old wild ginseng plant is prohibited except for the purpose of replanting;

(3)           Replanting of Ginseng. All persons collecting ginseng from the wild shall plant the seeds of collected plants within 100 feet of where the plants are located. Ginseng seeds may be collected from the wild for replanting to a different location only if the plant bearing the seeds is not also collected in the same harvest season;

(4)           Any person collecting wild ginseng on the lands of another for any purpose shall, at time of collection, have on his or her person written permission from the landowner, as required under G.S. 106-202.19(a)(1); and

(5)           Possession of freshly dug ginseng on the lands of another shall constitute prima facie evidence that the ginseng was taken from the same land on which the collector was found.

(d)  Purchase, Collection and Sale of Ginseng:

(1)           Ginseng Dealer Permits. All ginseng dealers shall obtain a permit from the Plant Industry Division of the Department prior to purchasing ginseng. Permits shall be valid from July 1 or the date of issue, whichever is later, to the following June 30. No ginseng shall be purchased by a ginseng dealer without a current permit;

(2)           Fees. A ginseng dealer shall pay the following fee for a permit:

(A)          Resident unlimited quantity - $100.00

(B)          Resident limited (up to 100 pounds per license period) - $50.00

(C)          Non-resident - $500.00;

(3)           Buying Season for Ginseng. The buying season for wild or wild-simulated green ginseng is September 1 through March 31. The buying season for wild or wild-simulated dry ginseng is September 15 through March 31. To buy wild collected ginseng outside of this buying season a ginseng dealer must obtain from the collector either:

(A)          a completed Statement Indicating Legal Collection of Ginseng from One's Own Land; or

(B)          a Record of Harvest Season Collection completed by the collector and signed by an Inspector;

(4)           Purchase Records. Every ginseng dealer shall keep a record of each purchase of ginseng collected or grown in North Carolina on the applicable Record of Ginseng Purchases provided by the Department. Forms from previous years, copies, or any forms other than those provided by the Department for the current permit period shall not be used. Records of Ginseng Purchases shall be made available for inspection by an Inspector and applicable records shall be surrendered to an Inspector upon issuance of an Export Certificate or upon request. The applicable Statement Indicating Legal Collection of Ginseng from One's Own Land or Record of Harvest Season Collection shall be attached to any Record of Ginseng Purchases recording a purchase of wild collected ginseng collected outside of the harvest season or bought outside of the buying season;

(5)           Purchase of Ginseng from Other Ginseng Dealers.

(A)          All ginseng dealers who purchase ginseng from other ginseng dealers located in North Carolina shall purchase only from those ginseng dealers that have valid dealer permits. Such purchases shall be recorded in a Record of Dealer-Dealer Transactions. Ginseng purchased from ginseng dealers who lack valid permits shall not be certified for export or shipment out of the state.

(B)          Each dealer shall submit copies of purchase records monthly between September 1 and March 31. Annual dealer reports shall be provided to the Department at the end of the purchase season. The report must be submitted no later than April 30.

(C)          A copy of end of season weight receipt shall be provided to the Department for any ginseng roots possessed by a dealer at the end of the buying season. The receipt must be retained by the dealer and presented at the time of any future certification of the ginseng for export;

(6)           Exportation and Shipment of Ginseng. All persons who have ginseng in any quantity and wish to export or ship any amount out of the state shall obtain an export certificate from an Inspector. There shall be no charge for an export certification. To obtain an export certificate a person must have accurate records of his purchases, present and surrender the original Record of Ginseng Purchases upon issuance of an export certificate and possess a valid ginseng dealer's permit; and

(7)           Importation of Ginseng. All ginseng imported into North Carolina from other states must obtain the appropriate certificates from the state of origin, which must be presented to a Department representative at the time of inspection.

(e)  Cultivation and Sale of Cultivated Ginseng.

(1)           Buying season for Cultivated Ginseng. Cultivated Ginseng may be sold at any time during the year provided that the grower's ginseng has been certified as Cultivated Ginseng; and

(2)           Certifying Cultivated Ginseng. Cultivated Ginseng certified by a Department representative may be dug or sold any time during the year and does not require a state export certificate, as long as a copy of the certification records accompany the ginseng.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106-202.15; 106-202.21;

Eff. June 30, 1981;

Amended Eff. July 3, 2012; December 1, 2010; April 1, 2003; July 1, 1998; August 1, 1990; May 1, 1984;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. March 26, 2017.



(a)  Collection of flytraps:

(1)           Any person collecting Venus Flytraps on the lands of another shall, at time of collection, have on their person written permission from the landowner, as required under G.S. 106-202.19(1); and

(2)           Possession of freshly dug Venus Flytraps on the lands of another shall constitute prima facie evidence that the plants were taken from the same land on which the collector was found.

(b)  Sale of flytraps: Lawfully collected flytraps may be sold in accordance with 02 NCAC 48F .0402.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑202.15;

Eff. June 1, 1991;

Amended Eff. December 1, 2010; July 1, 1998;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. March 26, 2017.




02 NCAC 48F .0401          DEFINITIONS

(a)  "Department" means the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.

(b)  "Horticulturally" means grown from seed or by vegetative propagation of cuttings or meristem tissue.

(c)  "Inspector" means an employee of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture or any other person authorized by the Commissioner to enforce these Regulations.

(d)  "Nursery" means any place where any plants are propagated or grown to be offered.

(e)  "Nursery Certificate or Certificate of Plant Inspection" means a document issued by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture or the appropriate plant pest regulatory agency of any other state which declares that the nursery named on the certificate has been inspected and found apparently free of injurious plant pests.

(f)  "Offer" means to sell, barter, trade, exchange, export, or to offer for sale, barter, trade, exchange or export or give away for any purpose including advertising or other promotional purposes.

(g)  "Person" means an individual, corporation, partnership, firm, or association.

(h)  "Protected Plant Propagator" means a person who has obtained initial plants and has demonstrated that all plants to be offered have been propagated and grown horticulturally.

(i)  "Plant" means any member of the plant kingdom, including cuttings, roots, fruits, seeds, propagules or any other plant part.

(j)  "Protected Plant Permit" means a document authorizing the collection, movement and possession of a controlled number of any protected plant or their propagules for scientific research, conservation purposes, or for propagation and sale.

(k)  "Special Concern-Vulnerable (SC-V)" means any species or higher taxon of plant which is likely to become a threatened species within the foreseeable future.

(l)  "Special Concern-Historical (SC-H)" means any species or higher taxon of plant that occurred in North Carolina at one time, but for which all known populations are currently considered to be either historical or extirpated.

(m)  "Rescue" means the collection and movement of any endangered or threatened plant as an ultimate attempt to save the plants from being destroyed.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106-202.15;

Eff. April 8, 1981;

Amended Eff. December 1, 2010; May 1, 1984;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. March 26, 2017.


02 NCAC 48F .0402          Protected PLANT Propagation

(a)  Persons within the State of North Carolina who wish to propagate or offer any protected plant species shall make application to the Department pursuant to 02 NCAC 48F .0407 for a permit to:

(1)           obtain propagation stock, or

(2)           offer propagated plants.

(b)  Applicants must meet the following criteria:

(1)           Identify the source of the initial stock of plants used for propagation;

(2)           Demonstrate that all protected plants to be offered have been nursery propagated and grown horticulturally;

(3)           Allow for a yearly inspection of site and facilities where protected plants are grown or stored for offer. All applicable nursery regulations and requirements must also be met at the time of obtaining protected plant permits. In addition to the yearly inspection, the site and facilities must be made available for inspection at any other time at the request of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture;

(4)           The person or persons offering protected plants shall maintain records of all acquisitions for the length of time these plants are in his possession. Such records shall be available for inspection by the Department and recorded on the permits or certificates of origin;

(5)           At the time of inspection, the person who has made application to offer any protected plant or plants shall identify each species to be offered by common and scientific name as found in the current edition of "The Manual of Vascular Flora of the Carolinas" or, if not found in this edition, as identified by the American Society of Plant Taxonomists. Each species to be offered shall be listed on a protected plant permit and only those species listed shall be offered. Offering plants not listed is grounds for revocation of the protected plant permit and other remedies under the law.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑202.15; 106-202.19;

Eff. April 8, 1981;

Amended Eff. December 1, 2010; May 1, 1984;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. March 26, 2017.



02 ncac 48f .0404          duplication of special concern permits


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑202.12 through 106‑202.19;

Eff. April 8, 1981;

Amended Eff. May 1, 1984;

Repealed Eff. December 1, 2010.



Every carload, box package, shipment or other container of endangered and threatened plant or plants on the North Carolina list or any state or federal list originating outside of North Carolina and being moved into North Carolina for delivery or resale must be accompanied by satisfactory documentation asserting that the endangered and threatened plant or plants of each species were legally collected, propagated or grown in compliance with the regulations or laws of the state, country of origin, or U.S. Government. The shipment must bear the name and address of the shipper. Any endangered or threatened plants not meeting these requirements when found will be subject to stop‑sale.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑202.12 through 106‑202.19;

Eff. April 8, 1981;

Amended Eff. May 1, 1984;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. March 26, 2017.




History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑202.12 through 106‑202.19;

Eff. April 8, 1981;

Amended Eff. May 1, 1984;

Repealed Eff. December 1, 2010.


02 NCAC 48F .0407          protected plant permits; certificate of origin

(a)  Protected Plant Permits. Protected Plant Permits are required for the following activities involving plants or plant parts of any species found on the protected plant list:

(1)           collection or removal from the wild (including for scientific or rescue purposes);

(2)           propagation or offering of plants or plant parts for sale;

(3)           planting, introducing, or reintroducing protected plants or plant parts into non-garden environments.

(b)  Protected plant permits may be requested from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, Plant Industry Division.

(c)  All permitted activities must be in compliance with all other state or federal laws.

(d)  Exempt Activities. Protected Plant Permits are not required for the following activities:

(1)           purchase of protected plant species from nurseries or dealers who hold necessary permits;

(2)           activities allowed under other existing state laws and regulations;

(3)           collection or removal of plants from one's own land;

(4)           propagation or sale of plants covered by a current certificate of origin.

(e)  Certificate of Origin. A Certificate of Origin shall be issued upon request to anyone selling or distributing any protected plant species legally acquired in-state or from out-of-state. A Certificate of Origin shall be issued only once, and shall be renewed each year at the time of the nursery inspection, as long as the holder of the certificate is maintaining the same stock of plants and as long as the conditions on the Certificate of Origin are being maintained. A new Certificate must be issued at the time of inspection if new plant stock is acquired. A Certificate may also be issued for protected plants that were originally collected from one's own land and are being propagated for sale. The Certificate shall include:

(1)           The signature of the nurseryman;

(2)           The following statement: "I hereby certify that the NC listed species in my possession are nursery propagated and not wild collected in NC, unless by permit, for sale, barter, or trade;"

(3)           The name and address of the nursery;

(4)           A list of protected species for sale and source(s) of plant material for each species.

(f)  Protected Plant Permit Fees. Approved permit requests to collect plants or plant parts from the wild will be assessed fees for each collection event if such collection is anticipated or is likely to have the potential to generate income. A fifty dollar ($50.00) fee will be applied per species, or two hundred dollars ($200.00) for each collection if Department staff make the collection on behalf of the permittee.

(g)  Information Requirements for Protected Plant Permit Applications. All applicants must provide the following information:

(1)           applicant's full name, mailing address, telephone number(s);

(2)           if the applicant is an individual, the date of birth and any institutional affiliation related to the requested permit activity;

(3)           if the applicant is a corporation, firm, partnership, association, institution, or public or private agency, the name and address of the president or principle officer and full names and addresses of any representatives who will serve as agents during the project;

(4)           the scientific name of the species and the number of plants to be covered by the permit;

(5)           the reason for the application and a description of the work to be carried out, including the proposed method of obtaining the species;

(6)           location where the requested activity is to take place and the location where the plants or plant parts will be held;

(7)           any additional justification and supporting documentation requested by North Carolina Department of Agriculture, Plant Industry Division representatives;

(8)           proposed start and ending date of permit.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑202.15;

Eff. April 8, 1981;

Amended Eff. December 1, 2010; May 1, 1984;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. March 26, 2017.




History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑202.12 through 106‑202.19;

Eff. April 8, 1981;

Repealed Eff. December 1, 2010.



In emergency rescue operations a verbal permit may be acquired. This permit shall be issued when an emergency exists, there is insufficient time to issue a written permit, and the criteria for issuing and complying with a permit are followed.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑202.12 through 106‑202.19;

Eff. April 8, 1981;

Amended Eff. December 1, 2010;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. March 26, 2017.


02 NCAC 48F .0410          criteria for issuance of protected plant permits

The proposed justification for a permit will be evaluated using the following criteria as appropriate:

(1)           the status of the species in North Carolina;

(2)           the status of the population from which the plants are to be collected or removed;

(3)           the amount of plant material to be collected;

(4)           the conditions under which the plants will be collected or removed;

(5)           the proposed use of the plant material;

(6)           known threats to the species;

(7)           where the plant material will be deposited;

(8)           the need for their rescue;

(9)           estimation of how the proposed activity is likely to affect or enhance the survival of the species;

(10)         policy set forth in the Plant Protection and Conservation Act and by previous Board decisions;

(11)         that the proponent has obtained and can document satisfactory evidence that plants can be legally obtained (for example, written permission from the owner or agent of the land from which the affected species is to be removed.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106-202.15;

Eff. December 1, 2010;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. March 26, 2017.


02 NCAC 48F .0411          ISSUANCE of protected plant permits

Upon receipt of a properly executed application, a permit shall be issued unless:

(1)           the applicant has been assessed a penalty or convicted of any provision of any statute related to the activity for which the application is requested;

(2)           the applicant has failed to disclose information or material required or requested, or has made false statements in connection with the application;

(3)           the applicant has failed to demonstrate a valid justification for the permit and a showing of responsibility;

(4)           authorization of the permit requested potentially threatens a protected plant species population or habitat;

(5)           applicant has failed to pay any required fees;

(6)           applicant has failed to submit timely, accurate, or valid reports as required under permit; or

(7)           NCDA&CS finds through further inquiry that the applicant is not qualified.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106-202.15;

Eff. December 1, 2010;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. March 26, 2017.


02 NCAC 48F .0412          conditions of permit issuance and acceptance

(a)  Any person or entity granted a permit under these provisions acknowledges the need to maintain appropriate records related to the permitted activity, as specified on the permit.

(b)  By accepting the permit, the permittee consents to and shall allow entry by agents or employees of the Department upon the premises where the permitted activity or permitted material resides at any reasonable hour to inspect the location, records, and materials pertinent to the permit.

(c)  The permit holder agrees to abide by any terms and conditions set forth in the permit.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106-202.15;

Eff. December 1, 2010;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. March 26, 2017.


02 NCAC 48F .0413          Amendment of permits

(a)  Permittee request. If circumstances change, an existing permit holder can request to modify the terms and conditions of their permit. Any necessary supporting documentation and justification shall be provided to the Department to make proposed amendments.

(b)  The Department reserves the right to amend permits whenever the facts set forth in the permit application have changed or the circumstances which provided the justification for the issuance of the permit have changed.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106-202.15;

Eff. December 1, 2010;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. March 26, 2017.




02 NCAC 48F .0501          DESIGNATIONS

02 ncac 48f .0502          form pc-1

02 ncac 48f .0503          form pc-2

02 ncac 48F .0504          form pc-3

04 ncac 48f .0505          form pc-4

02 ncac 48f .0506          form pc-5

02 ncac 48F .0507          form pc-6


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑202.12 through 106-202.19;

Eff. April 8, 1981;

Amended Eff. September 1, 1991; August 1, 1990; May 1, 1984; June 30, 1981;

Repealed Eff. December 1, 2010.


02 ncac 48f .0508          form pc-7

02 ncac 48f .0509          form pc-8

02 ncac 48f .0510          form pc-9

02 ncac 48f .0511          form pc-10


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑202.12 through 106-202.19;

Eff. June 30, 1981;

Amended Eff. August 1, 1990; May 1, 1984;

Repealed Eff. December 1, 2010.


02 ncac 48f .0512          form pc-11

02 ncac 48f .0513          form pc-12

02 ncac 48F .0514          form pc-13

02 ncac 48f .0515          form pc-14     


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106‑202.12 through 106-202.19;

Authority G.S. 106‑202.15;

Eff. August 1, 1990;

Repealed Eff. December 1, 2010.