02 NCAC 52J .0101          records; animal shelters, etc.

Operators of all animal shelters, pet shops, public auctions, and dealers shall maintain records on all dogs and cats showing the following:

(1)           origin of animals (including names and addresses of consignors) and date animals were received;

(2)           description of animals including species, estimated age, sex, breed or breed type, and color markings;

(3)           location of animal, including complete address and contact information, if not kept at the licensed or registered facility;

(4)           disposition of animals including name and address of person to whom animal is sold, traded, transferred, or adopted, and the date and time of such transaction; name and address of intermediary transporter if used; in the event of death, the record shall show the date, signs of illness, and cause of death if identified; if euthanized, the record shall show date and type of euthanasia;

(5)           record of veterinary care including medications, treatments, procedures, and immunizations. The record shall include: diagnosis(es), diagnostic testing and results, date and time of administration or procedure, description of medication and initials of person administering any product, medication or procedure. The description of the medication shall include the name, strength or concentration, dosage, and dosing regimen. The dosage regimen shall include the frequency, duration to include the number of dosages or days to be given and the reason for the administration; and

(6)           all records shall be created and/or updated within 48 hours of the occurrence of procedures, including but not limited to intake, change of location, medication or treatment administration and/or disposition. The record shall be accurate; creation of a misleading record or deliberate or non-incidental falsification of a record including medication administration documentation during or after an investigation or inspection shall be considered a violation of this regulation.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 19A-24;

Eff. April 1, 1984;

Amended Eff. January 1, 2005; April 1, 1985;

Readopted Eff. September 1, 2022.