Animals housed in the same primary enclosure shall be maintained in compatible groups, with the following additional restrictions:

(1)           Females in season (estrus) shall not be housed in the same primary enclosure with males, except for planned breeding purposes.  Breeding shall not be allowed in animal shelters.

(2)           In boarding kennels, animals of different owners shall not have contact with other animals, unless written permission is obtained from the animal's owner.  Any dog or cat exhibiting an aggressive disposition shall be housed individually in a primary enclosure.

(3)           Puppies or kittens less than four months of age shall not be housed in the same primary enclosure with adult dogs or cats other than their dams, except when permanently maintained in breeding colonies, or if requested in writing, by the animals' owner, as in a boarding kennel.  Puppies or kittens between 4 and 16 weeks of age shall have daily access to human social interaction, excluding animals which pose a danger to humans or other animals.

(4)           Dogs shall not be housed in the same primary enclosure with cats, nor shall dogs or cats be housed in the same primary enclosure with any other species of animals.  Exceptions are allowed at boarding kennels, if requested in writing by the animals' owner.

(5)           All facilities shall designate an isolation area for animals being treated or observed for communicable diseases.  Dogs or cats in isolation that are being treated for a communicable disease shall be separated from other dogs or cats and other susceptible species of animals in such a manner as to minimize dissemination of such disease.  A sign shall be posted at the cage or isolation area when in use, giving notice of a communicable disease.

(6)           Animals in long term care which are intended for adoption or sale must be provided the following:

(a)           Daily access to both human and same species social interaction.

(b)           Daily access to space other than the primary enclosure.

(c)           A species and size-appropriate toy, unless it poses a health threat.

(7)           All animals shall be confined in primary enclosures or exercise areas.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 19A-24;

Eff. April 1, 1984;

Amended Eff. January 1, 2005.