(a)  Each completed application shall be evaluated by the Animal Welfare Section (AWS) staff.

(b)  The staff shall review all applications for completeness. If an application is incomplete, the applicant shall be asked to reapply with a new, completed application.

(c)  The following criteria shall be used to evaluate the applications:

(1)           the thoroughness of the explanation of how the compliance violations will be resolved or mitigated with the use of the grant funds;

(2)           the thoroughness of the explanation of the plans to ensure future compliance with the AWA (G.S. 19A-20 through 31) and its associated rules (02 NCAC 52J);

(3)           in the incidence of an unforeseen catastrophic occurrence, such as a hurricane, tornado, fire, flood, or other natural or man-made disaster, the thoroughness of the explanation of how the grant funds will be used to mitigate the damage done by the incident;

(4)           the amount of funds available;

(5)           the amount of funds requested; and

(6)           the order in which the application was received.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 19A-67; 19A-68;

Eff. December 1, 2023.