(a)  Temporary exhibit permits shall not be issued for the buying, selling, or production of farmed cervids.

(b)  A temporary exhibit permit shall only be issued for Reindeer or Caribou.

(c)  Temporary exhibit permit applications shall be submitted to the Veterinary Division. The application may be obtained from the Veterinary Division by calling (919) 707-3250 or by emailing farmedcervid@ncagr.gov. The contents of the application shall include the following:

(1)           the applicant's name;

(2)           the applicant's address;

(3)           the applicant's contact information, including telephone numbers and email addresses;

(4)           the farm's name;

(5)           the farm's address;

(6)           the farm's contact information, including telephone numbers;

(7)           the date(s) of the exhibit;

(8)           the date of exhibit inspection by the Veterinary Division, unless an exhibit facility plan was previously approved and includes the date of facility plan approval and approval number;

(9)           the purpose of the exhibit;

(10)         the location of the exhibit, including the county;

(11)         the species to be exhibited;

(12)         the sex, date of birth, species, and identification number(s) for each cervid to be exhibited;

(13)         a statement from the applicant verifying the information provided is accurate; and

(14)         the applicant's signature.

(d)  Temporary exhibit permits are only valid for the dates and locations specified. Applicants shall apply to the Veterinary Division:

(1)           five business days prior to the date of exhibit if the exhibitor previously submitted a detailed exhibit facility plan that has been pre-approved by the Veterinary Division. The detailed exhibit facility plan shall include descriptions of how the animals will be contained, the type of fencing or containment utilized, whether the public will be able to touch the animals, whether the animals will move from a containment area to a parade, and whether if any physical restraints will be utilized, and includes photographs or sketches of the display and the display area; or

(2)           60 days prior to the date of exhibit.

(e)  The Veterinary Division shall only issue temporary exhibit permits when the temporary exhibit area is inspected by the Veterinary Division and meets the following criteria:

(1)           all farmed cervids to be exhibited are from a certified herd and officially identified in accordance with 9 C.F.R. 55.25;

(2)           the temporary exhibit enclosure, with the exception for farmed cervids exhibited during parades, shall:

(A)          be an area of at least 10 feet by 10 feet;

(B)          have fencing at least eight feet in height with a ground clearance of no greater than three inches and sufficient in strength and stability to prevent escape, unless the animals are restrained to prevent escape;

(C)          have an enclosure large enough to ensure each animal has sufficient room, based on the size and species of the animal, to stand erect and lie naturally; and

(D)          have no exposed barbed wire, nails, or other protrusions that may cause injury to the animals shall be permitted within the enclosure;

(3)           farmed cervids exhibited shall be secured so that no farmed cervids may escape; and

(4)           the temporary exhibit complies with Aedin's Law, G.S. 106-520.3A, and 02 NCAC 52K when those laws and rules apply.

(f)  All permit holders shall report any cervid escape, entry, or death within 24 hours of discovery to the Veterinary Division in accordance with 02 NCAC 52L .0110.

(g)  Circumstances or purposes for which a temporary exhibit permit shall not be issued include:

(1)           failing to submit a complete application;

(2)           submitting a falsified application;

(3)           for the purpose of holding non-farmed cervids or farmed cervids that have been transported without a transportation permit;

(4)           for the purpose of rehabilitating non-farmed cervids;

(5)           for the purpose of commingling farmed and non-farmed cervids; and

(6)           to an individual under the age of 18 years of age.

(h)  Any person whose farmed cervid license or temporary exhibit permit has been revoked or suspended shall not be issued a temporary exhibit permit within the period during which the order of revocation or suspension remains in effect.

(i)  Any person who has been an officer, agent, or employee of a person whose farmed cervid license or permit has been revoked or suspended and who is responsible for, participated in, or worked for that person during the violation upon which the order of revocation or suspension was based, shall not be issued a permit for exhibits owned by his or her employer or exhibits in which he or she worked for at the time of the revocation or suspension within the period during which the order of revocation or suspension remains in effect.

(j)  No temporary exhibit permit shall be issued to any person in possession of rehabilitative or non-farmed cervid.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106-549.97(a2);

Eff. June 1, 2018;

Amended Eff. May 1, 2022.