02 NCAC 52L .0201 Enclosure requirements

(a) The enclosure size for any farmed cervid, including any fawn or calf, shall be at least half of one acre.

(b) Bodies of water and impassible areas shall not be counted towards the minimum enclosure size or the area for pen density.

(c) The enclosure shall be surrounded by a fence:

(1) of sufficient strength and design to prevent ingress or egress of both farmed and non-farmed cervids under any circumstances;

(2) be at least eight feet high; and

(3) have a ground clearance of no greater than three inches.

(d) Farmed cervids shall not be contained within or be allowed to enter a place of residence, except for fawns or calves on a temporary basis in the course of emergency veterinary treatment in accordance with guidance from a licensed veterinarian. Licensees shall be responsible for securing all farmed cervids so as to prevent escape during transport or at the residence.

(e) No exposed barbed wire, nails, or other protrusions that may cause injury to the animals shall be permitted within the enclosure.

(f) If a person intends to maintain two or more separate herds, that person shall maintain separate herd inventories, records, working facilities, water sources, equipment, and land use. There shall be a buffer zone of at least 30 feet between the perimeter fencing around separate herds, and no commingling of animals shall occur. Movement of animals between herds shall be recorded as if they were separately owned herds.

(g) All additional farmed cervid enclosures added after a farmed cervid license has been issued shall first be inspected by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and comply with the enclosure requirements of this Section prior to the housing of any farmed cervids.


History Note: Authority G.S. 106-549.97(a2);

Eff. June 1, 2018;

Amended Eff. May 1, 2022.