02 NCAC 58 .0107             REPORTING

(a)  Grant recipients shall submit written progress reports at six-month intervals or upon completion of the project, whichever is sooner.  Written reports shall describe the status of the project, progress toward achieving program objectives, notable occurrences and any problems encountered and steps taken to overcome the problems.  Upon completion of the project, the successful applicant must make a final written report to the Commissioner which shall include project accomplishments and benefits, all expenditures by line item as established in the project budget, and verification of the number of hours or money in matching funds.

(b)  The staff shall review the progress reports for completeness, which shall include a showing of how the project is meeting its stated goals and performance standards.  If the staff finds that the report is deficient in showing how the project is meeting its stated goals and performance standards, the grantee shall be notified of the deficiency and must provide a changed and corrected report within 30 working days.  If a corrected or changed report is not received within 30 working days, the Trust Fund may withhold the next grant payment.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106-744;

Eff. January 1, 2008.