No licensee or agent, officer or employee of a licensee, under the North Carolina Consumer Finance Act, the same being Article 15 of Chapter 53 of the General Statutes, shall, in collecting or attempting to collect any claim of money owed said licensee, either:

(1)           violate any criminal law of this state;

(2)           do any act which would tend to hold up a borrower from said licensee to public ridicule, or unreasonably degrade him in the presence of any neighbor or business associate;

(3)           request or demand payment from anyone who is not obligated by, or the duly authorized agent of a person obligated by, the loan contract;

(4)           make any collection attempt through any written or printed communication unless such communication is enclosed in a sealed envelope and mailed to or left only at the home or place of business of a person obligated on the loan contract;

(5)           engage in any other unreasonably harsh or oppressive collection attempts or tactics.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 53C-2-1; 53C-2-2; 53-180; 53‑185;

Eff. February 1, 1976.