04 NCAC 15 .0119             NUMBER OF PILOTS

(a)  The maintenance of efficient pilot service for the river and bar requires a number of pilots in accordance with the following:  The commission shall license a number of pilots not to exceed one pilot per 98 piloted vessel arrivals annually or fraction thereof.  Piloted vessel arrivals annually shall be determined by a five consecutive calendar year average and can be calculated at any time using the five previous calendar years.  The then current active pilots shall continue to serve with the Commission's power of reduction to be effective only in the case of natural attrition except as provided in G.S. 76A-15.

(b)  The apprentice system established in Rule .0121 of this Chapter shall be used to fill vacancies in the pilotage service except in the case of extreme emergency, such as incapacity by accident, sickness or death. In such emergency, the Commission may issue, upon recommendation of a majority vote of the association, one or more limited licenses for such term as may be necessary.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 76A‑1; 76A‑5; 76A‑13; 76A‑14;

Eff. December 1, 1985;

Amended Eff. August 1, 2000.