04 NCAC 19P .0102           DEFINITIONS

The following terms shall apply to the rules of this Subchapter:

(1)           "Act" means the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act, P.L. 100‑77, as amended.

(2)           "Applicant" means a local government which makes an application pursuant to the provisions of this Subchapter.

(3)           "ESGP" means the state‑administered Emergency Shelter Grants Program.

(4)           "Local Government" means any unit of general city or county government in the state.

(5)           "NRCD" means the North Carolina Department of Natural Resources and Community Development.

(6)           "Recipient" means a local government that has been awarded an ESGP grant and has executed a Grant Agreement with NRCD.

(7)           "Secretary" means the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and Community Development or his designee.

(8)           "Shelter" means an individual facility with the capacity to provide overnight lodging whose purpose is to assist homeless persons through activities funded under this Subchapter.  For purposes of this program, the term "shelter" excludes those facilities chartered and intended to function primarily as foster care or similar children's facilities or to serve victims of domestic violence.

(9)           "State" means the state of North Carolina.

(10)         "Subrecipient" means a nonprofit service‑providing agency that a recipient contracts with to carry out services and activities funded under this Subchapter.


History Note:        Filed as a Temporary Rule Eff. April 4, 1988 for a period of 180 days to expire on

October 1, 1988;

Authority G.S. 143‑323; 143B‑10; 24 C.F.R. 575.3; P.L. 100‑77;

Eff. October 1, 1988.