04 NCAC 19S .1009           CLEARINGHOUSE REVIEW

(a)  Applications for funding under this Subchapter may be submitted by the Department to the appropriate state clearinghouse agencies.  The state agencies shall have 30 days from the receipt of the application to review the application and give comments to the Department and the applicant.

(b)  Comments containing any findings of inconsistency with state or local plans, significant adverse urban impact, noncompliance with environmental laws, failure to provide equal opportunity or other comments that require a response may result in disapproval or conditional approval of the application by the Department.  Applicants must consider all findings and submit to the Department a written statement indicating what action they plan to take as a result of these findings.

(c)  Program amendments which must receive Departmental approval pursuant to Rule .1110 of this Subchapter, may be submitted to clearinghouse review in accordance with Paragraph (a) of this Rule.

(d)  All clearinghouse comments and responses shall be kept in accordance with Rule .1105 of this Subchapter.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143B‑10; 143B‑431; 24 C.F.R. Part 92;

Eff. November 2, 1992.