04 NCAC 20B .0804          DIVISION DIRECTIVES

(a)  SDA Issuances include information that represents an official communication of a policy or issue interpretation.  The SDA issuances become, under the terms of the subgrant agreement, a part of that agreement.  An issuance will be printed on department letterhead, will be numbered sequentially for each calendar year and will be signed by the Director.  Issuances may be provided in draft form to subgrantees and contractors for their assistance in finalizing policy or developing interpretations.  An issuance will not, however, represent the official position of the Division until such time as the elements in this Rule are present.  Subgrantees and contractors should retain the directives.

(b)  Technical Assistance Packages represent advice on technical issues, examples of compliance methodology, sample documents for subrecipient consideration in their activities and other data such as program/project sharing information.  These packages are printed on department letterhead, number sequentially and initialled by the Planning and Program Management Coordinator.

(c)  JTPA Bulletins include information of a general or public nature. The bulletins may include items submitted by subgrantees or contractors. Bulletins are printed on a special heading, numbered sequentially by calendar year and signed by the Director.


History Note:        Authority 143B‑430(b); Ex. O. 93, June 8, 1983;

Eff. October 1, 1984.