04 NCAC 24D .0602          STATUS REPORTS 

(a)  Each employing unit shall file an Employer Status Report (Form NCUI 604) with DES within 10 days of becoming subject to the Employment Security Law.  The Employer Status Report shall contain the following:

(1)           the name and address of the business;

(2)           names, social security numbers, and addresses of the owners and responsible officers of the business;

(3)           any records pertaining to contracts for business acquisitions that indicate successorship status; and

(4)           any information about company officers in continuity of control cases.

(b)  An employing unit that ceases business, transfers, leases, or sells all or any part of the assets of its business, or changes the trade name or address of the business shall give notice to DES within 10 days by filing a status report.  The status report shall contain, in addition to the requirements listed under Paragraph (a) of this Rule, the former name and address of the business.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 96-4; 96-10; 96-11.7;

Eff. July 1, 2015.