(a)  All permits shall specify:

(1)           the nature and extent of the investigations allowed under the permit, including the time, duration, scope, location, and purpose of the investigations;

(2)           the name of the individual responsible for conducting the investigations and, if different, the name of the individual responsible for carrying out the terms and conditions of the permit;

(3)           the name of the land-controlling agency, university, museum, or other scientific or educational institution in which any collected materials and data will be deposited; and

(4)           the reporting requirements and schedule as set forth in Rules .1611 and .1612; and

(5)           other terms and conditions as determined by the Department to be necessary to ensure public safety, protect natural and cultural resources, safeguard land uses, and limit activities to investigations authorized under the permit.

(b)  Inspections may occur at the archeological investigation site to ensure that the terms and conditions of the permit are being met.

(c)  The permittee shall obtain and submit evidence of liability insurance upon acceptance of the terms and conditions of the permit.

(d)  Archaeological investigations conducted under a permit shall comply with all applicable state, federal, and local rules and regulations.

(e)  All access to State-owned lands during permitted investigations shall be controlled by and coordinated with the land-controlling agency and the site-specific land manager, such as superintendents, wardens, or facilities managers.

(f)  Applicants shall restore all project lands to their pre-project condition by the conclusion of the field investigations.

(g)  The land-controlling agency shall report in writing to the Secretary of the Department of Administration and State Archaeologist any change the Principal Investigator Archaeologist named in a General Permit within 10 days of that change.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 70-13; 70-14; 121-23; 121-25; 143B-62(1)(h);

Eff. June 1, 2017.