(a)  Reports of archaeological investigations conducted under the terms of a General Permit shall be submitted to the State Archaeologist (OSA).

(b)  Final reports concerning archaeological investigations and emergency archaeological investigations shall be submitted by the end of the calendar year that follows the year in which the archaeological investigations were completed.

(c)  The principal investigator archaeologist may request to extend the submission of the final report as set forth in Paragraph (d) of this Rule. The request shall be in writing to the State Archaeologist and include a copy of the permit. The State Archaeologist may extend the date to submit the final report based on the following factors:

(1)           environmental changes;

(2)           changes in the project specifications by the project sponsor; or

(3)           unforeseen discoveries of complex or fragile archaeological materials, including human remains.

(d)  The principal investigator archaeologist shall provide in the report to OSA:

(1)           information concerning the physical location of artifacts, records, and all other documentation for all archaeological investigations;

(2)           itemized list of all recovered archaeological resources by type, variety, material, or other description and a list of accession numbers or other identifiers applied to the recovered resources;

(3)           an itemized list of records, photographs, and other documents and a list of accession numbers or other identifiers applied to the records and data; and

(4)           a summary of the results of all archaeological investigations as part of the report(s) required by the permit.

(e)  The State Archaeologist and head of the land-controlling agency shall review at least once a year the permittee's performance under any General Permit issued for a period greater than one year. The State Archaeologist shall review the final reports for General Permits to ensure that the reports meet the federal Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Archaeology and Historic Preservation and may requests revisions of the final report if said standards are not met.

(f)  The State Archaeologist shall have 60 days following receipt of any report to review and return written comments on the report to the land-controlling agency and the principal investigator archaeologist.

(g)  The principal investigator shall revise and submit the final report, in accordance with the State Archaeologist written comments, within 30 days of receipt of review and comments by the State Archaeologist.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 70-13; 70-14; 121-4; 121-23; 121-25; 143-10; 143B-62(1)(h);

Eff. June 1, 2017.