(a)  Permittees shall prepare and submit to the State Archaeologist and the head of the land-controlling agency reports for all archaeological investigations conducted under Specific Permits in accordance with this Rule.

(b)  The permittee shall maintain a daily log of all project activities, including the types of equipment used and site conditions. The permittee shall provide copies of the daily log to the State Archaeologist upon request.

(c)  The permittee shall submit a letter to the State Archaeologist within 60 days after completion of the on-site archaeological investigation describing the activities conducted under the investigation. The letter to the State Archaeologist shall include the date for submission of the draft report as required by Paragraph (d) of this Rule.

(d)  The permittee shall submit draft reports according to the schedule established in the permit or, in the case of emergency archaeological investigations, by the date specified in the in the letter as required in Paragraph (c) of this Rule. Draft reports submitted for emergency archaeological investigations shall include information on storage and curation of artifacts, records, and other data in accordance with the specifications in Rule .1603(b)(9) through (13) of this Section.

(e)  The permittee shall submit final reports no later than 90 days after submission of the draft report.

(f)  If the specified submission date for a draft report of emergency archaeological investigations extends beyond one year from the date of submission a letter, as set forth in Paragraph (c) of this Rule, shall be submitted a year from the issuance date of the permit.

(g)  The permittee or, in the case of an emergency archaeological investigation, the the Principal Investigator Archaeologist, shall provide in the final report the following information:

(1)           the physical location of artifacts, records, and all other documentation;

(2)           an itemized list of all recovered archaeological resources by type, variety, material, or other description and a list of accession numbers or other identifiers applied to the recovered resources; and

(3)           an itemized list of records, photographs, and other documents and a list of accession numbers or other identifiers applied to the records and data.

(h)  The permittee shall be responsible for the accuracy and validity of the data contained in the final report submitted to the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.

(i)  Permits issued for a period greater than one year shall be reviewed at least once a year through interim reports submitted by the permittee and by compliance inspections conducted at the investigation location. The review shall be conducted with the State Archaeologist and the head of the land-controlling agency or his or her designee. The interim report shall include: the name of the permittee, the location where the investigation is being conducted, the permit number, the name of the Principal Investigator Archaeologist, a description of the project goals, a description of the methods of research, all archaeological findings, and the project schedule.

(j)  The State Archaeologist and the land-controlling agency shall review all draft and final reports for Permits to ensure that the investigations serve the public interest and the reports meet the federal Secretary of Interior's Standards for Archaeology and Historic Preservation which are incorporated by reference, including subsequent amendments and editions, for free at https://www.nps.gov/history/local-law/arch_stnds_0.htm, and available for inspection at no cost at the Office of State Archaeology. The State Archaeologist may request revisions of the draft or final reports. Terms and conditions of a Permit shall be considered satisfied only after report revisions have been completed and the report has been accepted by the State Archaeologist.

(k)  The State Archaeologist and the land-controlling agency have 60 days after receipt to review and comment on draft reports and return written comments to the permittee.

(l)  The Principal Investigator Archaeologist shall revise and submit the final report, in accordance with the State Archaeologist written comments, within 30 days of receipt of review and comments by the State Archaeologist.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 70-13; 70-14; 121-4; 121-23; 121-25; 143B-10; 143B-62(h);

Eff. June 1, 2017.