07 NCAC 11 .0203             CUTTING OF TREES AND SHRUBS

Regulations for cutting and/or removal of trees from the highway right of way and within 50 feet adjacent to the right of way of the Corridor:

(1)           No trees or shrubs shall be cut or removed from the Corridor right of way without a Certificate of Appropriateness issued to the land owner (on whose land the trees are located) by the commission.

(2)           Clear cutting of the Corridor right of way and the vegetation within 50 feet of the highway right of way is prohibited.

(3)           A Certificate of Appropriateness for the removal of trees shall be permitted when it is determined by the commission that such removal does not result in an adverse impact or detriment to the Corridor.  Where minimum vegetation along the Corridor exists due to removal of trees and shrubs by natural causes, unauthorized clearing or accidental causes and the commission finds that the visual integrity of the Corridor is interrupted, planting.......... within the 50 feet area adjacent to the right of way for the purpose of enhancing the appearance and aesthetic quality of the Corridor may be required by the commission.


History Note:        Authority 1981 S.L., c. 1194, s. 1(1)(d);

Eff. February 1, 1987.