At any time during the period of absentee voting in any primary, general or special election, a handicapped or elderly voter registered in a precinct wherein there exists no polling place accessible to the elderly and handicapped may request in advance to be transferred from that precinct to the office of the county board of elections for the purpose of voting at the county board of elections on election day under the following procedure:

(1)           An application to be transferred in advance to the county board of elections for the purpose of voting on election day shall be made and signed only by the voter or the voter's near relative, as defined in G.S. 163‑227(c)(4), or legal guardian and shall be valid only when transmitted to the chairman or supervisor of elections of the county board of elections by mail or delivered in person by the voter or his near relative or legal guardian.

(2)           Upon receipt of a written request for transfer, the county board of elections, after determining the validity of such request, shall enter the voter's name and precinct into the book referred to in Rule .0001(a)(6) of this Chapter and shall place the designation "HT" beside the voter's name as it appears on registration records sent to that voter's precinct for use on election day.

(3)           No voter who has requested advance transfer shall be allowed to vote on election day at that voter's precinct if the designation "HT" appears on the records of that precinct, but instead shall be directed to the offices of the county board of elections.

(4)           On election day, the precinct transfer assistant at the county board of elections, when the elderly or handicapped voter appears and indicates that advance request for transfer was made, shall verify such fact by reference to the book referred to in Rule .0001(a)(6) and, having determined that such request was made, shall provide the voter with the proper ballots and follow the procedures set forth in Rule .0001 (a)(5)‑(9).


History Note:        Filed as a Temporary Rule Eff. April 18, 1988 for a period of 136 days to expire on

August 31, 1988;

Statutory Authority G.S. 163‑69.2;

ARRC Objection May 19, 1988;

Eff. October 1, 1988.