(a)  The State Board of Elections shall provide uniform training materials to each County Board of Elections. The training shall review the Rules of this Chapter as well as G.S. 163-226.3, 163-230.1, 163-230.2, and 163-231, including the statutory deadlines associated with absentee voting, and provide information to help Team members interact with persons who have disabilities.  Every Team member shall confirm in writing that he or she has reviewed and understands the content of the training.  Each County Board of Elections shall administer training for every Team member as directed by the State Board of Elections in this Rule.

(b)  Every Team member shall sign a declaration provided by the County Board of Elections that includes the following statements:

(1)           the Team member will provide voter assistance in a nonpartisan manner, will not attempt to influence any decision of a voter being provided any type of assistance, and will not wear any clothing or pins with political messages while assisting voters;

(2)           the Team member will adhere to the rules of this Chapter and the General Statutes listed in Paragraph (a) of this Rule, and the Team member will refer to County Board of Elections staff in the event the Team member is unable to answer any question;

(3)           the Team member will not use, reproduce, or communicate to anyone other than County Board of Elections staff any information or document handled by the Team member, including the voting choices of a voter, a voter's date of birth, or a voter's signature;

(4)           the Team member will not accept payment or travel reimbursement by any political party or candidate for work as a Team member;

(5)           the Team member does not hold any elective office under the United States, this State, or any political subdivision of this State;

(6)           the Team member is not a candidate for nomination or election, as defined in G.S. 163-278.6(4), for any office listed in Subparagraph (b)(5) of this Rule;

(7)           the Team member does not hold any office in a State, congressional district, or county political party or organization, and is not a manager or treasurer for any candidate or political party. For the purposes of this Subparagraph, a delegate to a convention shall not be considered a party office;

(8)           the Team member is not an owner, manager, director, or employee of a covered facility where a resident requests assistance;

(9)           the Team member is not a registered sex offender in North Carolina or any other state; and

(10)         the Team member understands that submitting fraudulent or falsely completed declarations and documents associated with absentee voting is a Class I felony under Chapter 163 of the General Statutes, and that submitting or assisting in preparing a fraudulent or falsely completed document associated with absentee voting may constitute other criminal violations.

(c)  Upon completion of training and the declaration, the County Board of Elections shall certify the Team member. Only certified Team members may provide assistance to voters.  The certification shall be good for two years, or until the State Board of Elections requires additional training, whichever occurs first.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 163-226.3(a)(4); S.L. 2013-381, s. 4.6(b);

Temporary Adoption Eff. January 1, 2014;

Eff. October 1, 2014.