08 NCAC 21 .0106             electronic filing

(a)  All political committees required to file electronically pursuant to G.S. 163-278.9(i) shall prepare disclosure reports using either of the following:

(1)           the current version of the campaign finance software made available by the North Carolina State Board of Elections and available for download on the State Board website; or

(2)           third party software only if that software can generate reports that are capable of import into the State Board's central database. The import file formats and validation tool to assist in verifying the format of import files shall be available on the State Board's website.

(b)  Reports generated by the State Board software or third-party software shall be filed by e-mailing the generated .cfd file to campaign.reporting@ncsbe.gov. State Board staff shall process the .cfd file and send an e-mail to the political committee's treasurer confirming receipt.

(c)  Reports shall be filed on or before 11:59 p.m. of the business day in which it is to be filed.

(d)  For each disclosure report filed electronically, the treasurer shall sign the CRO-1000 Disclosure Report Cover and file it with the board of elections office where the political committee filed its Statement of Organization. The Disclosure Report Cover shall report:

(1)           the full name, mailing address, phone number, and NC ID Number assigned to the political committee;

(2)           the report year, period start date, and period end date for the report;

(3)           the full name of the treasurer during the period;

(4)           type of committee;

(5)           type of report;

(6)           account information;

(7)           date filed; and

(8)           an original signature and certification in accordance with G.S. 163-278.32.

(e)  A Disclosure Report Cover is considered filed either:

(1)           on the date it is received by hand-delivery during regular business hours at the county board of elections or State Board of Elections; or

(2)           on the date it is postmarked by the United States Postal Service or marked with an equivalent marking by a delivery service authorized by G.S. 1A-1, Rule 4.

(f)  A committee that exceeds the reporting threshold in G.S. 163-278.9(i) during an election cycle, and is required to start filing electronically shall ensure that each contributor's reported sum-to-date for the election cycle includes the sum of contribution received before the political committee began filing electronically.

(g)  A committee that is required to file electronically pursuant to G.S. 163-278.9(i) and only files a paper report shall be deemed to have failed to file and shall receive a Notice of Noncompliance pursuant to 08 NCAC 21 .0201.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 163-278.9; 163-278.21; 163-278.22;

Eff. May 1, 2020.