(a)  Expenses that are solely incurred to enable a PSAP to receive and utilize the voice and data elements necessary for wireline 911 and wireless Phase I or Phase II compliance may be fully paid from a PSAP's 911 Fund distributions if approved by the Board.  A PSAP may submit a request for approval for an expense by identifying the expense item together with an explanation of the necessity of the expense item to the Executive Director. 

(1)           Eligible costs for necessary computer hardware include Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) workstation computers, servers, and ancillary equipment; GIS workstation computers, servers, and ancillary equipment; and voice logging recorder computers;

(2)           Eligible costs for necessary computer software include software used in conjunction with the computer hardware to provide callers with access to the PSAP by dialing 911; 

(3)           Database provisioning includes creation of the automatic location identification (ALI) database and the GIS base map database;

(4)           GIS base map eligible expenses include mapped street centerlines, together with costs for creation and maintenance of the base map;

(5)           Nonrecurring costs of establishing a wireless Enhanced 911 system include emergency generator or uninterruptible power supplies, and telecommunicator furniture necessary for 911 system operation; and

(6)           Rates associated with local telephone companies' charges related to the operation of the 911 system include monthly charges for delivery of 911 calls, automatic number identification (ANI), ALI, and monthly charges for telephone interpreter services.

(b)  Eligible lease, purchase, and maintenance expenses for emergency telephone equipment include 911 telephone equipment/system costs. 

The 911 Board shall publish on its website https://www.nc911.nc.gov/ and periodically revise a list of approved eligible expenditures.

(c)  Ineligible costs include:

(1)           Basic termination charges incurred due to the disconnection of telephone equipment to be replaced with 911 equipment;

(2)           Capital outlay expenditures, such as buildings, remodeling, communication towers, and equipment not directly related to providing the user of a voice communications service connection access to a PSAP by dialing the digits 911;

(3)           Mobile or base station radios, pagers, or other devices used for response to, rather than receipt of, 911 calls, including mobile data terminals (MDT) and automatic vehicle location (AVL) systems used in response vehicles;

(4)           Seven-digit transfer-to-lines;

(5)           Private line circuit costs;

(6)           Directory listings; and

(7)           Maintenance costs for radio equipment or other miscellaneous equipment not necessary, as determined by the Board and the affected PSAP, to provide the user of a voice communications service connection access to a PSAP by dialing the digits 911.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 62A-46(c);

Eff. July 1, 2016.