09 NCAC 06C .0206          BACK-UP PSAPS

(a)  Each Primary PSAP shall establish a back-up PSAP or have an arrangement for back-up provided by another PSAP.  Agencies may also pool resources and create regional back-up centers. Alternate methods for receiving and processing 911 calls may include interlocal agreements among one or more PSAPs for sharing physical resources, entail a use of portable equipment that may be implemented wherever secure network connectivity is accessible, construction and maintenance of a back-up PSAP facility that would only be utilized when the Primary PSAP is inoperable, or other alternative solution.

(b)  Back-up Plan. There shall be a local management approved, written, dated, and annually tested back-up PSAP plan.

(c)  The Board shall disburse 911 Funds for back-up PSAPs to the extent eligible expenses are incurred for such PSAPs, and provided:

(1)           A back-up PSAP plan is submitted to the 911 Board. The plan shall include start-up costs, projected recurring expenses, and any local agreements which may exist, or which are anticipated, that provide for the back-up PSAP.

(2)           Any back-up PSAP plan revisions have been provided to the 911 Board staff.

(d)  The back-up PSAP shall be capable, when staffed, of performing the emergency functions performed at the primary PSAP.

(e)  The back-up PSAP shall be separated geographically from the primary PSAP at a distance that ensures the survivability of the alternate center.

(f)  Each PSAP shall develop a formal written plan to maintain and operate the back-up PSAP or, if back-up is provided by another PSAP, a formal written plan that defines the duties and responsibilities of the alternate PSAP.

(1)           The plan shall include the ability to reroute incoming 911 call traffic to the back-up center and to process and dispatch 911 calls at that center.

(2)           The plan shall be included in the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP).

(g)  The PSAP shall be capable of operation long enough to enable the transfer of operations to the back-up PSAP in the event of an emergency in the PSAP or in the building that houses the PSAP.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 62A-42(a);

Eff. July 1, 2016.