(a) Personnel:

(1) PSAP equipment and systems shall be under the oversight of an employee or employees of the PSAP.

(2) The PSAP Emergency services dispatching entities shall have trained and qualified technical assistance available for trouble analysis and repair by in-house personnel or by authorized outside contract maintenance services. Where maintenance is provided by an organization or person other than an employee of the PSAP, written records of all installation, maintenance, test, and extension of the system shall be forwarded to the responsible employee of the PSAP. Maintenance performed by an organization or person other than an employee of the PSAP shall be by written contract that contains a guarantee of performance.

(3) Maintenance personnel other than an employee of the PSAP shall be approved by the PSAP pursuant to its access controls as presenting no threat to the security of the facility or the employees and equipment within it.

(4) All equipment shall be accessible to the PSAP for the purpose of maintenance.

(5) When a device monitoring the 911 system for integrity indicates that trouble has occurred, the telecommunicator shall act as follows:

(A) Take appropriate steps as provided in the PSAP manual or operating procedures to repair the fault.

(B) If the telecommunicator determines repair is not possible, isolate the fault and notify the official responsible for maintenance.

(b) Time.

(1) The clock for the main recordkeeping device in the PSAP shall be synchronized with all timekeeping devices in the 911 system.

(2) All timekeeping devices in the PSAP shall be maintained within 5 seconds of the main recordkeeping device clock.

(c) Recording.

(1) PSAPs shall have a logging voice recorder with one channel for each of the following:

(A) Transmitted or received emergency radio channel or talk group;

(B) Voice dispatch call for service circuit; and

(C) Telecommunicator telephone that receives emergency 911 calls for service.

(2) Each Telecommunicator workstation shall have the ability to recall telephone and radio recordings from that workstation without delay.

(3) 911 calls that are transmitted over the required dispatch circuit(s) shall be automatically recorded, including the dates and times of transmission.

(d) Quality Assurance/Improvement.

(1) PSAPs shall establish a quality assurance/improvement process to ensure the consistency and effectiveness of 911 call taking.

(2) Statistical analysis of 911 call taking shall be completed monthly and compiled over a one year period and retained as operational records under Rule .0215 of this Section.


History Note: Authority G.S. 62A-42(a)(4); 62A-46(e); 62A-46(a)(3);

Eff. July 1, 2016.